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Woodmen of the World Hall Historic Street Lamp Project


On Monday, March 26, at 6:00 pm the Community Center for the Performing Arts (CCPA) will hold a reception and dedication in celebration of the installation of two authentic historic City of Eugene streetlamps in the public right-of-way surrounding the historic Woodmen of the World Hall (W.O.W. Hall) at 291 West 8th Avenue (8th and Lincoln).
Following the reception a dedication ceremony will be held at 7:00 pm until the streetlamps go on at 7:32 pm PDT.  The dedication will feature the unveiling of a plaque honoring those whose donations made the Woodmen of the World Hall​ Historic Streetlamp Restoration Project possible.

The lamps that have been installed are original lamps that were present around the W.O.W. Hall and throughout downtown Eugene from the early twentieth century until the late 1950's.  Their installation at 8th and Lincoln represents the first step in the CCPA's efforts to restore the historic landscape around the W.O.W. Hall. Until recently the lamps currently gracing the W.O.W. Hall's landscape were located on East Thirteenth Avenue where they had been reinstalled when they were removed from Downtown. They were removed from that location during a street-widening project on 13th Avenue.  The CCPA bought four of the historic lamps from the West University Business Association, which had originally purchased them from the City.  

The City of Eugene Historic Review Board and the Downtown Neighborhood Association became partners with the CCPA in mounting the project. In order to accomplish that purchase the CCPA and its partners put out a call for "Pioneer" donors to help finance the purchase of the historic streetlamps.  The "Pioneers" who responded to that call were the staff of KLCC-FM, the staff of KRVM-FM, Gayle and Mike Chisholm, and Aaron Dietrich, Laura Hood and River Dietrich.

The CCPA applied for and received a City of Eugene Neighborhood Matching Grant of $10,000.00 to aid in the restoration and installation of the historic streetlamps at the W.O.W. Hall site. Additional major donors include Pam Whyte, Ron Saylor, Thomas Link and John Crawford. Their contributions enabled the project to proceed. David Stuck Electric provided a substantial contribution of donated professional services to the effort and provided the electrical infrastructure for installation. Saylor Painting donated storage of the streetlamp standards pending installation  

City of Eugene staff members, City Engineer Steve Gillespie and Cindy Koehler provided special assistance to the project along with numerous City of Eugene planning, permit and public works staff. Excavation was provided by Scott Maskell and Cameron Clark. Concrete work was provided by Dynasty Concrete. Restoration and installation of the streetlamp standards was provided by ASF Ironworks. The Woodmen of the World Historic Streetlamp Project has been coordinated by Jonathan M.Pincus, M-Arch and Katy Vizdal with special assistance from Aaron Dietrich and Gayle Chisholm -- all of whom donated professional or in-kind services.

This event will celebrate the crucial assistance provided by our partners, our Pioneers, major donors and all of those who assisted in the installation of the historic streetlamps now standing next to the historic Woodmen of the World Hall. It is hoped that the event will also highlight the CCPA's call for contributions toward the installation of the two additional historic streetlamps currently owned by the CCPA and awaiting restoration. Donors who contribute $500.00 or more to the project will be honored on an additional plaque to be affixed to the next lamp to be installed.  It is hoped that the two remaining historic streetlamps will be installed adjacent to the Woodmen of the World Hall by fall of 2018.  

For additional information on donating to the project​ please contact​ the CCPA-W.O.W. Hall at 541-687-2746 or


Left: Illustration of Woodmen of the World Hall with historic street lamps. 
Right: Register Guard Article 1932 depicting Woodmen of the World Hall Dedication.

First Two Historic Streetlamps are Installed: Thank You Donors !


After a multi-year effort, two of four authentic historic streetlamps have been installed adjacent to the W.O.W. Hall.   These original streetlamps graced Eugene’s downtown for five decades in the early 20th century.  Several were adjacent to the W.O.W. Hall when it was constructed in 1932.  These beautiful lamps were removed from downtown around 1959.  A number were acquired by the West University Business Association to line 13th Avenue between Alder and Kincaid.  Those lamps were again removed several years ago for street widening and stored at the City’s maintenance yard until the WUBA offered them for public sale.

Restoration of the historic landscape surrounding the Woodmen of the World Hall through re-installation of the original streetlamps was recommended in 1979 as part of a National Endowment for the Arts Design Study for the restoration of the Hall.  However, for many years funding limited work to infrastructure and code compliance, deferring restoration to the distant future.

When the WUBA decided to dispose of the remaining lamps, the CCPA knew that we had to act if the planned landscape restoration was to remain possible.  The Eugene Historic Review Board and the Downtown Neighborhood Association joined with us to mount the project.  They share our objective to restore a sense of place while improving security in the neighborhood.

A group of donors who we named “Pioneers” stepped forward to provide the funds for acquisition of the lamps.  Our Pioneers are: Gayle and Mike Chisholm, current CCPA Chair Aaron Dietrich, and the staff members of radio stations KLCC-FM and KRVM-FM.  Without their vision and generosity, the opportunity to restore the historic landscape at 8th and Lincoln Streets would have been lost forever.

Shortly after acquisition of four historic streetlamps, a funding campaign for installation was launched.  That effort was led by Jon Pincus and Katy Vizdal with assistance from Aaron Dietrich, Gayle Chisholm and Steve Baker.  The effort was successful in garnering an award of $10,700 from the City of Eugene’s Neighborhood Matching Grant Program and additional private donations of $3500 through our donor recognition program.  A donation of professional services from Jonathan M. Pincus, Design and Management Services helped enable installation of the two streetlamps presently operating adjacent to the W.O.W. Hall. 

Additional donors who made the current installation possible are Thomas Link, Pam Whyte, Ron Saylor, John Crawford, Laura Hood and River Dietrich.  Enhanced logistical and construction services were provided by Saylor Painting, David Stuck Electric, ASF Ironworks, Dynasty Concrete, Visco Light, Scott Maskell and Cameron ClarkeCity of Eugene Neighborhood Services and Human Rights Program Coordinator Cindy Koehler, City Engineer Scott Gillespie, City of Eugene Public Works, and the City of Eugene Planning Department provided additional services to enable the project.  Former City Council member George Brown helped us coordinate with the Eugene City Council on process.  We thank them all.

Donors to the Woodmen of the World Hall Historic Streetlamp Restoration Project will be recognized on plaques displayed on each historic streetlamp.  A funding campaign is in progress for installation of the remaining two historic streetlamps.  If you would like to contribute to the Project please contact the WOW Hall at

Donor Recognition Program

The Community Center for the Performing Arts is currently in the process of acquiring and installing four original historic street lamps around the historic Woodmen of the World Hall. These are authentic original street lamps used in Downtown Eugene in the early-mid. 20th century.

Community support is essential as we work towards installating the historic streetlamps around our building. Each donor will be recognized with a permanent name plate attached to the base of one of the streetlamps.  Each streetlamp has a rectangular base that will hold 4 name plates, recognizing significant donations. Contributed funds will go towards the refurbishment and installation of the historic streetlamps around the W.O.W. Hall.

Donation Level: $1200.
Plates available: 12

Interested in making a donation?
Click here to go to our donation page and contribute right now.  

Thank you to our Pioneers!  
Thank you to four generous donors for contributing to the "Pioneer" phase of our historic streetlamp fundraising campaign.  Pioneer funding will enable the Community Center for the Performing Arts to bring the historic streetlamps into our pocession. Thank you to two private donors, KLCC staff members and KRVM staff members for contributing to this project.

Thank you for your interest in this project and funding consideration.

We believe that the installation of these streetlamps will have a significant impact on our building and our neighborhood!

Neighborhood Benefit:

  • Educate the community about the historic character of the Woodmen of the World Hall
  • Improve public perception and elevate the attractiveness of the West 8th Ave. neighborhood
  • Address security problems

The Eugene Historic Review Board and Downtown Neighborhood Association are partnering with the Community Center for the Performing Arts/W.O.W. Hall on this exciting project. 

Ongoing Historic Street Lamp Maintenance
The Community Center for the Performing Arts will be maintaining the exterior of the historic street lamps. The Historic Street Lamp Donor Recognition Program coupled with CCPA!s fundraising efforts (i.e. grant funding and capital fund drive) will develop a substantial maintenance fund that will ensure proper care for the lamps for many years to come.