CCPA 2021 Annual Election Information

Election Results

Hello CCPA Members,

Below you will find the election results. There were 197 ballots issued. 186 of those ballots were cast (94.4%).

There were 6 people who requested ballots but were ineligible. 4 People were notified that they needed to renew, but did not renew.

Every effort was made to assist voters throughout the process.

(1) Approve the Revised Budget for 2020-2021
Approve - 153 or 85%
Disapprove - 2 or 1%
Abstain - 24 or 13%

(2) Approve the General Policy Statement
Approve - 163 or 90%
Disapprove - 5 or 3%
Abstain - 14 or 8%

(3) CCPA Board Directors Election (Qty 4)

Allison Carter - 110
Linda Dievendorf - 105
Mike Walker - 102
David Hughes - 102
Eric Richardson - 85
Johanis Tadeo - 77
John Davis - 75
Camas Wonders - 67
Write In: Justin Showker - 1

Budget and Policy Statement Information

See the whole meeting on video (3hrs)

The Revised Budget is the first item on the ballot. You can review the information below:

The General Policy Statement is also on the ballot. You can review it below:

Candidate Information

Below you will find the information we have received from candidates. Candidates may update this information over the course of the election.

Allison Carter

I have been a member of the CCPA/ WOW Hall for 20 years. I have served as a volunteer for 5 years and held the staff positions of program manager and house manager for 5 years. My time at the hall gave me the professional experience and inspiration to continue to work professionally in the concert industry and the non-profit arts sector. I’m honored to have an opportunity to give back to this revered historic venue that has given so much to me personally, the community of Eugene as well as artists and performers from around the world.

Video: Allison Carter at the Annual Membership Meeting

David Hughes

Hello, my name is David Hughes and I would like to formally ask the membership for a position on the board of directors at the C.C.P.A. WOW Hall. I worked at the Wow Hall between 1996 and 2001 as the assistant stage manager and monitor engineer, and then the stage manager and FOH audio engineer.  I bring 25 years of experience managing venues and touring with bands.  My goal in joining the board is to offer support for the staff, and help continue the hall’s legacy as a destination  for all members of the Eugene community.

View David Hughes' Candidate Statement

Video: David Hughes at the Annual Membership Meeting

Mike Walker

Having served the CCPA in the ’80s and ’90s as performer, volunteer, Board member and staffer, my WOW years were the basis for my continuing career as a touring musician and music professional. My love for venues, in fact, led me to Portland’s Crystal Ballroom and ultimately into my role as the Music Marketer for McMenamins. I would be honored to add my own imperfect contributions to the Board and work toward a process that 1) protects and improves the Hall’s treasured role as a community performing arts space, and 2) develops its broader historical role as a community center.

View Mike Walker's Candidate Statement

Video: Mike Walker at the Annual Membership Meeting

John Davis

Hi, I am John Davis. I enjoy helping to raise money for community organizations. I have spent 20 years working in the film industry in many capacities. My work history has given me a broad scope of experience of managing and coordinating. I have also served as a board member reviewing grant requests and meeting with charitable organizations to understand the most effective ways to serve communities. Current positions include Secretary of the Springfield Public Library Foundation and member of the service committee of the Springfield Rotary. I pledge to listen to members regarding the future of the WOW Hall. 

View John Davis' Candidate Statement

Video: John Davis at the Annual Membership Meeting

Linda Dievendorf

My deep connection to the WOW hall as a patron, member and professional is leading me to run for the WOW Hall Board of Directors.  I’m excited about the possibilities for the WOW Hall, connecting to its roots as a vibrant community arts organization and entertainment venue, and what we can imagine and create together.  Much appreciation for your consideration and support.

View Linda Dievendorf's Candidate Statement

Video: Linda Dievendorf at the Annual Membership Meeting

Eric Richardson

As a longtime resident of Eugene, I have appreciated the role and space of the WOW Hall. Arts, community, service, all these things are embodied in the presence of the organization and I am happy give my assistance to its mission and ongoing work. Please consider my availability for the board of directors. 

Eric Richardson
Nov 14th 2021

Video: Eric Richardson at the Annual Membership Meeting


Camas Wonders

View Camas Wonder's Candidate Statement

Video: Camas Wonders at the Annual Membership Meeting

Johanis Tadeo

My name is Johanis Tadeo, and I work for two community based nonprofits that serve underrepresented communities. Living in Springfield and working in Eugene, I am deeply rooted as a local citizen in holding space for those who struggle to be seen, heard and welcomed on equal terms. A community center for the performing arts is the perfect space for displaying active equity, diversity and inclusion. If elected, I commit to working tirelessly to support the mission and the financial viability of the organization while advocating strongly for greater community outreach focusing on recruiting BIPOC individuals of all ages.

Video: Johanis Tadeo at the Annual Membership Meeting