NOTICE: WOW Hall Mask Policy

We are ever mindful that we live in unprecedented times. We strongly encourage individuals to assess their own health risks when attending public events and offer free KN95 masks upon request.

We may receive notice from performers, from time to time, that they require proof of vaccination or a negative test from a source other than a home test.   We will keep the public appraised of any of these requests.

Click Here for CCPA COVID-19 policy

Membership Meeting Report 2020

2020 Annual Membership Meeting


            The Community Center for the Performing Arts began the WOW Hall Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, August 9, at 3:00 pm.

It was a virtual meeting held on Zoom.

            Approximately 150 members were present.  The meeting ran much longer than expected and, after about four hours, members voted to recess. 

            Board Chair Robyn Kelly welcomed the membership and introduced the rest of the current board - Dan Nathan, Janelle Krinsky, John Henry Weber, Sam Harmon, Melissa Swan and Tom Wilt.  She also thanked the board members who have departed - Mike DeLuise, Amy Sherwood, Kathleen Blair and Terri Wilson.




            Bob Fennessy gave reports for three committees.  Eric Herz gave the Facilities report.


Fundraising/Education Committee Report 2019-2020

            Last spring CCPA Treasurer Amy Sherwood, after attending many grant writing workshops, submitted a proposal to Lane Arts Council who awarded us $10,000 in funding over two years (contingent on this year’s report).  Last August she got us on the schedule for Oakshire Inspires and was in the process of writing a grant for GM funding.

            This year we held a Rummage Sale fundraiser in conjunction with Eugene Sunday Streets. Special thanks to everyone who donated, especially Charles Peters for the live plants, and to board members Kate Blair and Robyn Kelly for staffing the box office almost the entire two days.

            When COVID forced the Hall to shut down in March, the Fundraising Committee organized a mass mailing appeal with a simple graphic message. The response from our members was tremendous.  That, coupled with an improved response to appeals for memberships and renewals, gave us a contributed income $23,000 over budget.

            Following the passage of the CARES Act, board members contacted our bank.  Even though they acted the first day, the money was already gone.  So when bank notified them that we could receive money from the second round, they knew they had to act fast.  I think now most of us see that was a wise and brave thing for them to do.  Thanks to their courage, the CCPA has an additional $50,000 in the bank.


Staff Support Committee (formerly Personnel) 2019-2020

            The Staff Support Committee spent a lot of time filling the Bookkeeper position. The committee went through three rounds of hiring interviews before Barbara finally found us. Special thanks to Melissa Swan, who stuck with us long enough to train three replacements.


Programming & Publicity Committee (formerly Programming) 2019-2020

         This committee took on a dual purpose this year because Bob says you can never do too much publicity and everyone should consider themselves part of the publicity crew.

         There was great interest this year in daytime programming. The CCPA created a daytime fee schedule (see below) and Paul Deering had begun to schedule daytime events for April when you know what happened.


WOW Hall Daytime class rental rates:

One-half the normal hourly rate for educational events scheduled between noon and 4:00 pm ($25/hour) plus $1 per student.

Incubator rate: $5 per student – once there are more than six students the regular rates apply.

Room left as found. No use of WOW Hall sound system.

Classes can be bumped by the WOW Hall as needed (no free class). Summer camps take precedent.

WOW Hall can provide publicity on our website, WOW Hall Notes and weekly per email.


Facilities Committee Report 2019-2020


Sewer Line Repair

         We reached out to Ed Reynolds who is the Sub-Surface Lead for Eugene Public Works and got the WOW Hall on their list to repair our sewer line. Currently there are two areas where tree roots invade the pipe and have caused major back-ups in past years. The city will repair these trouble areas for free.

Streetlamp Project

            In June of 2018, a large semi-truck making a right turn at 8th and Lincoln accidentally ran over one of our streetlamps due to its close proximity to the corner of the intersection.  Fortunately, this was witnessed by staff and caught on camera, and the trucking insurance company awarded the CCPA $52,654.33.  From this fund, our goal is to repair the damaged streetlamp and reinstall it along with two other lamps currently in storage.

            After an error in the plans was discovered regarding the footings, the concrete estimates for the current project went from $31,259 down to $14,410.  The current total estimates to repair and reinstall the damaged lamp plus refurbish and install the final two is $31,028.25.  That will leave us $20,768.90 out of the current fund of $51,797.15.

Ongoing Interior Restoration Project

            Work has been done to repair damage sustained over time to the wooden trim surrounding the door between the Green Room and the Foyer. A skilled worker did an amazing job.

BottleDrop Nonprofit Account

            The Facilities Committee began an ongoing fundraising campaign in March where participants can fill blue BottleDrop bags with returnable bottles and cans and drop them off at any BottleDrop location. Empty bags were made available for pick-up in our Ticket Office. The proceeds go straight to the WOW Hall/CCPA. So far we have received $263.




            Robyn paid homage to the 2020 CCPA staff members.  Almost all are currently on furlough due to the Hall being closed, but many submitted a report anyway.




Concessions – Angela Lees


            Right up until the closure the beer garden had an amazing staff.

After the closure House Manager Blake organized a sale of the remaining inventory that was completely contact free.  Patrons could order online and their order was scheduled and ready for pick up.  We did this two weekends and recouped a total of $1000.

            The beer garden staff lost a former coworker and friend on July 7th. Tommy Waggoner will be missed and always remembered as a true friend of the WOW Hall.


Facilities – Eric Herz (manager) & David Diercks (custodian)


            In the past year as Facilities Manager, I’ve worked with numerous contractors, organizations and government agencies to help preserve and maintain the WOW Hall. I’ve attended meetings of the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA), Central Eugene In Motion, and the Eugene Historic Review Board. The DNA provides an opportunity for us to get to know our Downtown neighbors (both business and residential) and address developments and concerns regarding Downtown issues. Central Eugene In Motion has been collecting input from the community regarding the future of transportation in Downtown Eugene. There is a plan to convert 8th Ave. from a one-way to a two-way in phases over the next couple of years. I’ve received assurances from Eugene Public Works Transportation Planner Reed Dunbar that the city’s intention is to keep the curbs and sidewalk in front of the WOW Hall intact.

            In addition to the general upkeep of the building such as garbage and graffiti removal, landscape watering, and cleaning, maintenance projects have included:

            • Urinal flush valve replacement

                  • Bathroom sink water supply valve replacement

                  • Drinking fountain repair

                  • Soil amendments to shrubs and trees per the recommendation of Urban Forestry

                  • Additional plantings along Lincoln Street

                  • Upgrades to lighting (80% of fixtures in the building now have low-energy LED or CFL bulbs)

                  • Repainting the front of the side ramp gate

                  • Replacement of broken dimmer switches

                  • Repair of broken basement window and damaged front door

                  • Increased cleaning routines of the floors

            Other jobs have included:

            • Working with Crime Prevention Specialist Janina Rager in identifying and mitigating potential crime and safety issues around the building

                  • Acquisition of a free commercial-grade vacuum cleaner (thank you Dave Diercks for this find!)

                  • Drawing up building plans using 3D computer modeling software for use in current and future projects

                  • Keeping spending within the 2019-2020 Building Maintenance Budget


            I would like to thank my assistant Dave Diercks for all he’s done in helping maintain and preserve the building. It’s not an easy job, but as a team we make it work and I couldn’t do it without him. I would also like to thank the members of the out-going Board. You’ve helped us immeasurably by providing a safe space for us to not only perform our jobs, but to discover our true potential.


House Manager – Blake Boxer


            Since COVID has made it so there are no events to manage, my area report is much smaller than I had hoped it would be when I set my goals of what to accomplish for the WOW Hall last year. However, there are still some good things to report:

            1. In working with the IVC (Independent Venues Coalition) I was able to help secure funding for the WOW Hall from the state Venue Relief Funds of about $10,900/month for the next seven months. This is ample money to keep the WOW Hall from incurring debt during its shut down.

            2.Before the closure the board had sanctioned the return of the Management Committee and I had been working on that team. Our goals were to update HR policies and strengthen the communication between the staff and board. We accomplished some of this but had much more to accomplish.

            3. The shows themselves were running pretty smooth. We received many compliments from touring bands -- that our team was easy to work with and that they had a great experience performing at the WOW Hall over other venues.


Membership Coordinator & Publicist – Bob Fennessy


            I can’t possibly say enough good things about the members who have supported us through the COVID crisis.  Sadly, I doubt that we can reward them with a Membership Party this year.  Last year we enjoyed Dan Mahoney, Gumbo Groove, The Muddy Souls and Cap’nTrips plays Dylan, plus 84 businesses donated food, beverages, flowers, decorations and gift certificates. Please support the businesses that support the WOW Hall.

            Thank you to Hal Hermanson and the KLCC crew for the donation of all the records left after the Brewfest. We began selling them during office hours and netted about $1500 before the shutdown. There are plenty of records left to sell when we eventually reopen. Plus this could be an annual fundraiser. Special thinks to John Perrine, lately of Portland, for the donation of his CD collection, and to Tom Wilt for marketing them for us on his website.

            At every WOW Hall Volunteer Orientation, I tell the new recruits just how important they are to me get the word out about our events. Word of mouth is still the most effective form of publicity. I also ask them to tell others that the WOW Hall is a nonprofit organization that is worthy of their support.

            If you heard you had a friend in trouble, you’d ask them, “What can do to help?” That’s what a friend is supposed to do; am I correct? You can probably understand how it hurts, then, to have people – some I’ve known 30 years or more – organize opposition to our board and staff and call themselves “friends”.            Friends don’t threaten or try to intimidate, do they?

            It goes without saying that my job is to promote a positive image of the CCPA/WOW Hall.  I’m sure a lot of nonprofits have financial problems and internal disagreements, but I don’t see their members slamming their organizations in the press with misleading editorials.

I believe that a board member must first and foremost be a positive booster of the organization. Second, they should be willing to give a substantial amount of money (substantial depends on circumstances; usually defined as “More than a token, less than a sacrifice.”). I feel very strongly that people who have threatened legal action against the previous board should not be rewarded for that behavior by being elected. It sets a very bad precedent.


Office Manager/Poster Distribution – Danette Lamson


            It has been rough to be away from a job I love so much. Looking back on last year, it was a great year before the shutdown. Concert scheduling was moving forward with many popular shows that generated enthusiasm amongst our customers, especially young patrons from high school and middle school. Their enthusiasm for the WOW Hall and what our programming has to offer is quite refreshing and stimulating.

            It’s fun to sell tickets to someone (or a group) experiencing the WOW Hall for the first time. It’s also an opportunity to solicit another generation of volunteers. Working with local musicians is also very rewarding.

            I would say the accomplishment I am most proud of was re-arranging the office. I created workstations and developed an ergonomic flow in the office. Extreme thanks to Eric Herz and David Diercks for moving heavy stuff and hanging things quickly and cheerfully. Laurels to board members Mike DeLuise and Amy Sherwood for finding and negotiating a new copier contract, saving us @$500 a year.

            Working with Bob Fennessy on various mailings and projects and having him as a friend and a mentor in the office is always a great gift. One of my favorite daily activities has been seeing how much money he fundraised the prior evening. Bob is a treasure.

            Norm Kevern, my poster distribution assistant, and I walked through neighborhoods soliciting new distribution sites for posters -- adding several new sites and a Springfield route. Thank you Norm.

It was hard to lose our longtime bookkeeper Melissa Swan, but I was quite happy to be a part of the committee that hired Barbara Bochnovic. I admire her conscientiousness and attention to detail, not to mention going above and beyond in regards to unemployment filing when staff were furloughed.

            Shout out to Lori Hawley and Blake Boxer – two smart strong women who put a great deal of love and energy into the CCPA.            It has been sweet to work in an environment where women are not in the minority and whose voices are heard.  Lori always pushed me to work harder and do better, while also having fun. I enjoyed working with her and we will be hard put to find another with as much dedication and vision.


Programming Manager – Lori Hawley


            Here’s what the WOW Hall’s Calendar of Upcoming Events looked like at the time of the shutdown:


3/13 – QUIX, Sumthin, Sitka, KELLALIT (rental/EDM)

3/14 - Jam Into the Dead III: Celebrating Phil’s 80th Birthday - Help On The Way, Brothers Jam (Jam Rock) S

3/15 - Eugene LIVE!: Critical Shakes, Yuvees, The Shaky Harlots (Rock)

3/18 - Brent Faiyaz, GRIP (R&B) (SOLD OUT)

3/19 - Steve Hofstetter (rental/Comedy)

3/20 - Sweater For An Astronaut EP Release Party, Only Nightmares, New World Sinner, Othrys (Metal)

3/25 - Full Moonalice: The Time Has Come Revue: Moonalice, T Sisters, The New Chambers Brothers (Rock/Soul)

3/28 - Leilani Wolfgramm (Reggae)

3/30 - Wax Motif, PVRCH, Katz, Bahari (rental/EDM)

4/2 - of Montreal, Locate S, 1 (rental/Rock)

4/3 - Lane Arts Council presents Design Arts Apprenticeship Program Showcase

4/4 - Super City (Pop Rock)

4/10 & 11 - The Experience (rental/Art & Music Fair)

4/12 - Kolohe Kai (Hawaiian)

4/14 - Leftover Crack, The Casualties, Grade 2 (Punk Rock)

4/17 - Itchy Fest 5: The Athiarchists, DJ TW Frisco, Breakneck Flow, ICED, Danny Dies, Bible Reader, The Procrastinators (Metal)

4/19 - Devin The Dude (rental/Hip-Hop)

4/23 - Full Access Benefit

4/24 - “Dub Factory”: DNSTR B2B Glenny, WVBBS, Dr. Ops, Dominion (rental/EDM)

4/30 - Pardison Fontaine (rental/ Hip-Hop) Saturday, May 2 - That 1 Guy (Magic Pipe)

5/6 - TV Girl, Jordana (rock)

5/8 - Live Move & City of Eugene rental

5/9 - Willamette Valley Old-Time Social (rental)

5/16 - Chiddy Bang (rental/Hip-Hop)

5/17 - Mike Love & The Full Circle, Dub Inc. (Roots)

5/23- Zoltan Kaszas (Comedy)

5/27 - Fred Armison, Charlyne Yi, Kate Teague (Comedy)

6/4 – Slow Magic, Duskus (EDM)

7/27-31 & 8/10-14 - Music’s Edge Summer Rock Camp




                  Music’s Edge Rock Camps (two camps led by Tim McLaughlin) ·                 

                  Bass Camp (Electronic Music Camp led by Olive Delsol) ·                 

                  Girls Circus Summer Camp

                  Student Internships

                  Dance Empowered with Cynthia Valentine (3x/week) ·                 

                  Coalessence Community Dance (2X/week)

                  Monthly WOW Hall Volunteer Orientation

                  Network Charter School Talent Show

                  Music Production for Humans




                  Abortion Access Front

                  Cascadia Quest

                  Cascadia Wildlands

                  City of Eugene Sunday Streets

                  Free People

                  Hult Center for the Performing Arts

                  KLCC · KNRQ · KRVM · KWVA

                  Lane Arts Council

                  Mud City Old-Time Society

                  Oregon Country Fair/KOCF

                  UO Music Dept.




         The Financial Report was presented by the CCPA’s longtime bookkeeper Melissa Swan.  Our current bookkeeper, Barbara Bochnovic, took over the job in late 2019.

            For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2020, the CCPA’s contributed income (grants, memberships and other fundraising) was up $23,040 from budget (151%).  That was pretty amazing.  When the Hall closed down, the membership rallied.

            Earned income is down, which is expected since we lost 30% of the fiscal year.  While rentals did well at 84% of budget, concessions, service charges and ticket sales were all down about 50%.  Altogether the Hall brought in $329,973 in earned income, which was down quite a bit from what was budgeted.


Revenue & Expenses July 1, 2019 – June 30, 202


         The next area covers our expenses.  Even when the Hall is closed, a lot of these expenses continue.  Most were close to budget.  Down are purchases for concessions, graphic designer, and printing of posters and WOW Hall Notes.  Insurance is down but still a huge expense.  Payroll expenses are down quite a bit, as are production expenses.  There was a net loss for the year of $403 after factoring in equipment depreciation of $10,o11.

            The next page is our balance sheet.  It shows we have unearned funds from the previous fiscal year that are not being recognized as income.  One of the main sources would be the PPP funds that were received from the Small Business Association.  Those funds are being held in a bank account and they are not being recognized as revenue until the Hall applies for forgiveness and we are told those funds do not have to be repaid.  Then those funds will be recognized as other income and what is not forgiven will be returned.

            We are continuing on with expenses as they occur – paying them out of the general fund – a lot of which came from recent donations from members.  Once we apply for forgiveness we can then repay the Hall’s operations fund with those PPP funds.





         The agenda allocated 30 minutes for public input, but so many people had something to say that, even at two minutes each, it required over an hour to go through the queue. 

            To watch or listen to the full meeting, go to www.wowhall /annual meeting.




            Bob read the following General Policy Statement:


            For the fiscal year starting July 1, 2020 it will continue to be the general policy of the CCPA/WOW Hall to serve all ages, nationalities, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and religions of our community without discrimination. This includes the staff, CCPA members, volunteers, community members, and Board of Directors of our organization. We will embrace our community and involve our membership in as many ways as possible. We will continue to operate with financial care on all projects and decisions. All construction and expansions will be done with respect and compliance to the WOW Hall's historic requirements. Further, it will continue to be the goal to expand financially as we look forward to the long-term viability of our organization.


            The policy statement was approved unanimously by a voice vote. 




            Melissa Swan presented the proposed budget for 2020-21.

            “I’m ready to make edits if the members vote on having it,” she began.

            This year we couldn’t use the process used in the past -- looking at revenue and expenses from the past year and modifying them.  Looking at income, ticket revenue is usually by far the largest item.  Right now we have it at zero.  If we budget for ticket revenue, what if it doesn’t come?  We budgeted $5000 for rental income.  It’s probably not going to be live shows, but we have some weddings scheduled.

Memberships we did conservatively; this is significantly less than last year.  Who knows how people’s situations will change in the coming year.  Classes are at zero.  Rock Camp has been canceled and the other classes only bring in about 3% of income.

            The next line item is grants.  The $5000 from Lane Arts Council has already been awarded.  The second is from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services -- $76,300 that was given as part of the April CARES Act.  Next are the PPP funds; we expect about $45,000 to be forgiven.  The second SBA-EIDL is a $10,000 grant that does not have to be repaid. 



            For expenses, production expenses (usually the largest item) have been reduced to $4000, which is 80% of rental revenue.

            The next page is operating expenses – which don’t change much from year to year.  Payroll expense was cut by more than half.

            So we have a budget of $175,466 in income, $169,445 in expenses.  Factoring in depreciation of $10,000, that leaves us with a balanced budget – no loss or gain.

            Discussion followed.

            Bobbi Jo Newton called it a, “Good mothball budget.”

            Chico Schwall thanked Melissa and had no amendments or criticism of the budget.

            Jon Pincus said we could have another General Membership Meeting if we wanted to make adjustments to reopen later. 

            Jim Evangelista says question of FTE is critical to PPP forgiveness.

            Melissa says we are looking at an FTE of 3.

            Due to problems with the electronic voting system being set up, Bob recommended that the group find out if a vote on the budget was actually needed by seeking to identify those opposed.

            Tim asked those opposed to indicate so in chat.

            Only one person opposed in chat.

            After a motion and second, the budget passed as presented.




         Three hours and 18 minutes into the meeting, a member moved to table voting.  Under bylaws a 20-day notification is required after a board meeting sets a new date.  A board meeting requires 5-day notification.  Discussion followed.

            In the end, the membership voted to reschedule the meeting to be held within 30 days using an election procedure that is consistent with the by-laws, open and transparent.




            The CCPA 2020 Annual Membership Meeting was scheduled for conclusion on September 8.  Thank meeting was postponed due to the state of emergency caused by fire. 

            Because the CCPA by-laws require five-day notification for board meetings and twenty-day notification for membership meetings, the meeting was rescheduled for October 25 beginning at 6:00 pm.  One hundred seventy members attend the meeting, mostly on Zoom.  Taking attendance was the most time-consuming task.

            Nominations were requested.  Those whose nominations were qualified and accepted were Mike Meyer, Ed Kashin, Jaci Guerena, Sam Harmon, Mayo Finch, Michael Franklin, David Zupan, Chico Schwall, Bobbi Jo Newton, Janelle Krinsky, Camas Banks, Charles Peters, Rachel Thiesmeyer, Nancy Forrest, Debra Nunez, Gabriel Gonzaga-Valenzula, Steve Berkson and Allison Carter.  Each candidate was allocated two minutes to speak and two minutes to take questions.

            This meeting also ran late.  Electronic voting was to begin at 10:00 and have been completed by 11:00, but that deadline had to be extended – first to 3:00 pm the following day and again until 5:00. 

We ended up with less than 20 problems out of 170 ballots.  All of these were resolved before the tallies were requested from BallotPoint.

Here are the results, listed in order of votes received.

Elected for two years:

Jaci Guerena                       

Ed Kashim                       

David Zupan                       

Nancy Forrest           

Chico Schwall                       

Elected for one year:           

Camas Banks                       

Mike Meyer                       

Steve Berkson           


Thank you to all of the candidates.  Special thanks to the volunteers – this would not have been possible without you.