NOTICE: WOW Hall Mask Policy

We are ever mindful that we live in unprecedented times. We strongly encourage individuals to assess their own health risks when attending public events and offer free KN95 masks upon request.

We may receive notice from performers, from time to time, that they require proof of vaccination or a negative test from a source other than a home test.   We will keep the public appraised of any of these requests.

Click Here for CCPA COVID-19 policy

2022 CCPA Election Links

* For general Annual General Membership Meeting information, CLICK HERE
* For Election Information (rules, procedures, how to vote), CLICK HERE
* For information on the Bylaws proposal and FAQ, CLICK HERE
* For Candidate Statements, CLICK HERE
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Governance Committee Bylaws Proposal

Event Time: 
November 13, 2022 - 4:00pm

On 10/13/22, the Governance Committee held a town hall style meeting to review the current draft proposal for bylaw updates proposal for the annual election which will commence on 11/13/22.

This Bylaw update proposal has been approved by the Board for a vote of the membership in the CCPA's 2022 Election.
It will require approval by a 2/3 majority of those members voting in the election in order to be adopted.

To The CCPA Membership,

Minutes before the 10/25/22 Special Board Meeting on the current Bylaws Revision Proposal, the Governance Committee of the CCPA received a detailed email from Jon Pincus critiquing the proposal. Due to the length of the email and the timing of its submission, Jon’s arguments could not be addressed in detail. Given the tone of the email, I decided to have it reviewed by legal counsel.

It is now my understanding Jon’s email has been shared beyond the Governance Committee and Board, so I it is important that legal analysis the CCPA acquired regarding Jon’s email be made available to the general membership.

Click the link below you will find a copy of the letter from the CCPA attorney reviewing Jon’s email, and below that is a copy of Jon’s original email to the Governance Committee.


Ed Kashin
CCPA Vice-Chair, Chair of the Governance Committee

Click here to view the CCPA Legal Counsel Review of Jon Pincus' Bylaws Proposal Email as well as his Original Email

On 10/25/2022, at a Special Board Meeting, the CCPA Board of Directors made to small changes to the proposal which are highlighted in the linked copy of the proposal, but the changes are highlighted in the side-by-side comparison document.
These minor revisions are in Article II and Article IV Section 3(A) and are shown below.

Article II
"The purpose of the CCPA is the maintenance and operation of the Woodmen of the World Hall at 291 W. 8th Avenue, Eugene, OR for use as a community center for the performing arts, which will advocate for and provide educational and cultural activities, performances, shows, and events that support arts and arts education within the region, and offer space for community meetings and gatherings..."

Article IV Section 3(A)
"The CCPA shall periodically publish the names of members. This list of members will be published no less than once per year..."
(Previously read, "The CCPA may periodically publish the names of members as donors...")

The Board also approved a Special Rule of Order for the consideration of this Bylaws proposal at the Annual General Membership Meeting.

In short, this rule says that members will be able to vote on the Board's Bylaws proposal as posted, and, if members approve any amendments meeting, the membership will be able to vote on those amendments as well in the election. The rule specifies that, to make any amendment to the Bylaws proposal that the membership will vote on in the election, will require approval by 2/3 of those attending the Annual General Membership Meeting. There is an example provided at the end of the rule document. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SPECIAL RULE.