Rock and Screamo Vocals with Melody Bell

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On Friday, October 11, professional voice trainer Melody Bell will offer a Rock and Screamo Vocals Class at the WOW Hall from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. 

Working with a voice trainer is just like hiring a physical trainer at the gym.  Whether you are training for an event or just more confidence, the body is trained for good health before we put the clothes of styling on top of it.  Once it is in a healthy state we add the clothing of artistry and style such as jazz, blues, rock, pop, classical, musical theater etc.

When training in a gym it can take several weeks before seeing results.  However, voice-training sessions will leave the singer with a fuller voice with more control, while reducing unnecessary muscular strain -- and results can be experienced the same day.  

“I will be more focused on teaching how to sing metal and rock vocals without damaging the singer's voice,” states Melody.  “However, we may take some time to cover using the effects processor on the voice in addition.”

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