Fundraising & Education Committee Meeting

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 5:30pm
Event Time: 
April 28, 2020 - 6:00pm
Free and open to the public

Meets on Zoom.

If you wish to attend, please email Amy Sherwood <>


April 28th – Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

  1. Potential Revenue Stream while building is closed – Livestream Plan - % of income instead of flat fee.  Livestreams can be simultaneously pushed on IG, Facebook, and Twitch
    1. Daytime music/art/dance/educational classes for school-aged children
      1. Four week classes?
      2. Revenue
        1. Grants, or
        2. Class fees
    2. Fitness/Recreation classes – Coalessence is willing to try
      1. Revenue 5% of amount
    3. Makers/Crafters Online Fair – potentially partner with OCF?
      1. Revenue 5% of amount
    4. Weekly – 1x per week – Livestream concert – which night is best, maybe Thurs?
      1. Revenue 5% of amount that artist makes
  2. Current Fundraising Efforts
    1. Grants:
      1. We have applied for COVID-19 emergency funds through Oregon Community Foundation
      2. OAC Grant is due in June now – capacity grant – already approved to apply
      3. WESTAF – emergency funds – launches in early May and will be open for two weeks.
      4. OAC will have an emergency fund grant combined with the Miller Foundation
      5. Oregon Cultural Trust – due in May
    2. Mailer update
    3. WoW-a-Thon Livestream Fundraiser – potentially mid to end of May. Gabriel is working with Sam and Abe to reach out to Bands
      1. Sponsors – so far TJs has committed $800 and will help us get more sponsors when we have a solid plan with committed bands
    4. Existing Beer Inventory – Angela is going to see what we are allowed to do and we can think about ways to sell the beer/maybe growlers? Or sell to a Frat?




The W.O.W. Hall will comply with all COVID-19 Guidelines issued by the State of Oregon and the CDC at the time of the event. This may entail limitations on capacity that might be lower than the number of tickets sold and/or event cancellation.

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