Eugene LIVE! - Ron Selfridge, Elroy Jordan, Jacob Camara, Caeli Barnhart, Elizabeth Cable

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 7:00pm
Event Time: 
March 12, 2020 - 7:30pm
$8 Advance, $8 Day of Show

On Thursday, March 12, the CCPA, Sprout City Studios and Liquid Mastering, McKenzie Brewing and University of Oregon Campus Radio 88.1 FM KWVA host a Eugene LIVE! singer-songwriter showcase featuring Ron Selfridge, Elroy Jordin, Jacob Camara, Caeli Barnhart and Elizabeth Cable

Pacific Northwest native Ron Selfridge creates rich and meaningful folk music with poetic lyrics and dark melodies.  Ron was the winner of last year’s folk night.  He says he is, “Happy to be returning to the WOW hall for my second Eugene Live series show. After living in Eugene for many years, and seeing some fantastic music at the WOW, it’s so great to leave a few of my songs in the walls of this great old venue. Thanks for having me back.”

Eugene artist Elroy Jordin has a style that is folk/Americana.  This Wisconsin native, Elroy has been writing, producing and performing original music for over a decade.  A multi-instrumentalist, you can hear him on acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, harmonica, piano, bass and drums. 

Elroy's songs are hopeful, wry, witty and romantic. His love songs are often used as metaphors for other aspects of life's journey.

Stylistically, his playing ranges from bootstompin' alt-country, laid back lounge acoustic and groovy instrumental improvisation.

Jacob Camara is a well-traveled musician and songwriter with a debut album of original folk and blues, The Attic Tapes. Following a classical musical foundation playing viola in youth symphonies in Vermont, Jacob has been drawn to the simplicity and directness of the American roots music traditions -- folk, bluegrass, blues and country. His solo performances are an entertaining combination of authentic original songs and stories.

Caeli Barnhart is a singer/songwriter based out of Eugene.  Growing up in Roseburg, she began writing songs at the age of twelve and hasn't stopped since.  Caeli allows the many facets of life to influence her music in a way that resonates with everyone who listens. Love, loss, heartache, hope -- she captures the beauty of it all with her delicate vocals and honest lyrics.

Born here in Eugene many moons ago, Elizabeth Cable is a singer/songwriter happy to open her soul on the WOW Hall stage with original songs for vocals and guitar.  Elizabeth once came to

a WOW Hall spaghetti feed.

Says Elizabeth, “2020 is here my lovely dear. Moments of music happen every day to quell that savage beast that I am. I find it quite invigorating...  No state of perfection really just constant change from that first breath to that last one.  We must laugh at change and keep dancing.

“Stay tuned as I am waking up to a wonderful and continued solo career as a songwriting vocalist.”

Ticket are $8 advance or day of show.   Doors open at 7:00 pm and showtime is 7:30.  This is a seated concert.

Thanks to this year’s sponsors – Sprout City Studios and Liquid Mastering – the winner of this year’s final gets a free recording and and mastering package from Thaddeus Moore and the crew.


Sprout City is a full service professional sound recording and rehearsal studio in located in Eugene at 1697 W. 11th Aly, as well as a musical place to find family.

Services ~

* Recording

* Mixing

* Mastering

* Album Production

* Rehearsal Space

* Backline Rental Equipment

* Sound Reinforcement

* Classes / Internships

* CD Duplication

* Gift Certificates

Sprout City offers classes to the community.  Lessons cover the basics of getting quality audio out your equipment and software by going over the physics of sound, design of gear, techniques, and dispelling common misconceptions.  Two courses are available currently, a Fundamentals of Sound class and an Intermediate Sound class.  Sprout City also offers private engineering lessons, instrument lessons, internship opportunities, and recording workshops, as well as lessons in Logic, ProTools, and Reaper. Owner Thaddeus Moore and his engineers also have a separate mastering studio, Liquid Mastering,



Mastering is the crucial final step in the recording process.  “We will prepare your recordings for whatever format they will be released on, including; CD duplication/replication, streaming distribution, vinyl lathe cutting, mix tape cassettes, or radio broadcast. Mastering will ensure that your sound quality is the finest possible.”

We get asked every week to define “mastering.” Personally, we like to define it as: “The last stage in the creative process of finishing a recording, using the absolute highest quality dynamics and frequency control.”  Mastering can be compared to mixing, but instead of focusing on the balance of the instruments, we focus on the balance of frequencies and the impact of all the elements of a performance.

Also, mastering should help all material achieve a more consistent playback on any system.

In layman’s terms, mastering is like sanding and polishing up a woodworking project. Without it, the overall appearance/functionality might be pretty good. But a closer look reveals all of the imperfect — hidden and obvious — rough edges. Mastering goes in and smoothes out all of the “splinters” like leveling volume or tweaking tonal problems in a recording. Nobody wants a splinter in the ear.

And just like carpentry, mastering requires an artisan. Mixes should be gently massaged by a qualified and seasoned engineer. Someone with an uncanny ear for universal tones and super nerdy technical chops to make you sound the way you’ve always wanted to…

Although we work with artists ranging from punch-you-in-the-face-punk to electronica dreamwave to moonshine bluegrass fusion, we give the same attention and care to each project. No matter the kind of music you make (or podcasts, audiobooks, TV shows, etc.), we go through all the steps to make your tracks sound clearer and more vibrant.

We 100% guarantee our work, and want every artist happy with  the service we provide.

The CCPA is looking forward to collaborating with more local businesses, local musicians, and the performing arts community to bring people together to support our community.  Please come and support Eugene LIVE!  It’s going to be a great time and very affordable.  Ticket prices for each event are $8 advance or day of show.  Doors open at 8:00 pm and showtime is 8:30. Tell your friends!

The W.O.W. Hall will comply with all COVID-19 Guidelines issued by the State of Oregon and the CDC at the time of the event. This may entail limitations on capacity that might be lower than the number of tickets sold and/or event cancellation.

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