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Candy Picnic, Alamance, Laundry, Password: Firebird - SHOW POSTPONED

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Saturday, January 22, 2022 - 7:00pm
Event Time: 
January 22, 2022 - 8:00pm
$10 advance, $12 day of show

The WOW Hall Candy Picnic, Alamance, Laundry and Password:Firebird SHOW IS BEING RESCHEDULED.

Alamance is a four-piece rock band from Eugene.  With over ten years in the music industry, Alamance strives to blend rock elements from a variety of genres, styles and eras. The band has new singles set for full release in Spring 2022.

Check out the following article by Tim Edwards for more about Alamance.


By Tim Edwards

It’s the summer of 1990 and a cassette falls into my lap. On the cover is a strange symbol, sharp and Celtic-like. The band’s name was even more mysterious. It was Queensrcyhe. Once I was alone in my room, I put the cassette in the tape deck, and a new universe of music opened up. Here was a style of hard rock that was atmospheric, intricate, emotional and most importantly, told a story.

If there is one band that I believe could take that same spirit that Queensryche created and move it forward, it would be Eugene Oregon’s own Alamance. But I wasn’t so optimistic at first. Upon researching this band, I also noticed some sharp mysterious symbols associated with their music.  Did they have the power and emotion I was looking for or was this just another run of the mill, riff-centric rock band that took themselves WAY too seriously? On December 12th, I was able to find out

I caught their livestream and I was immediately brought back to my old room and enveloped with a familiar sound. A raw, progressive, other worldly music that took power chords and symphonic guitar leads to another realm of possibility. Even the synthesizer breaks had emotional weight.

There's no question that the lyrics are delivered with the rawest emotion I've heard in a very long time. Poetic and heartbreaking, they want to be optimistic but sometimes that's just not what life is all the time. In the song “Perfect Pretender,” the protagonist has doubts about his emotional state. I personally related to a specific lyric: “I just want our love to last forever, but is this love really for me?” After going through a very emotionally devastating divorce, I found myself saying this lyric in some form or fashion on repeat to myself.

Another lyric that stood out for me was an example of indecisiveness that I’m very much guilty of. From their new single “Evaporate”: “...but I don’t know what they make, which to love and which to break. Which to keep and which to hate.” That constant back and forth of feelings towards one thing or the other is very relatable and made me even more inspired by the group.

On January 22, Alamance will take the WOW Hall stage and I’ll be able to see them up close for the first time. I’m confident their live show will be just as brilliant and enthralling as the live stream I was fortunate enough to see.


One of Eugene’s most popular young acts, Laundry met in the University of Oregon dorms in the fall of 2017.  The four quickly bonded over a shared interest in the local music scene. Eugene bands like Spiller, Novacane, and the Graduating Class helped them find gigs at house shows and bars around the college.  During this time the band began to develop its energetic live performance and collaborative songwriting process.

Following the release of their first EP during their freshman year of college, guitarist and singer Kiki Paroissien-Arce suggested the band record at Echohill Studios in Portland with her father Edwin Paroissien. This proved to be a creatively fruitful decision, and the first release with Paroissien as producer, 2019’s Affirmation, found the band modest and unexpected success on streaming services.

2020’s Fast Cars saw Laundry experiment with more in-depth storytelling and increasingly elaborate music videos, while maintaining the dreamy yet energetic Eugene rock sound of the first Echohill Studios album.  Laundry had to postpone their Fast Cars promotional tour for quarantine, but they are writing and rehearsing new music at their home in Eugene where they live with a cat, a dog and two rats.


Candy Picnic is a band of teenagers hailing from Eugene.  While their original songs draw from a variety of musical styles past and present, they consider themselves to be an alternative rock band. 

In a January 8, 2020 Register Guard interview with Joaquin Arriola (Eugene MOSH), Candy Picnic was described as being “very young, super talented, and rising quickly.” 

Candy Picnic released its first six-song EP titled Garage Sounds in November of 2019.  The EP can be found on Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud, and a variety of other channels.  The band has a new album in the works and plans to release it during the spring of 2022.

Band Members are Chris Heer (guitar and vocals), Stella Parker (bass and vocals), Spencer Misfeldt (lead guitar) and Champe Scoble (drums and vocals).


Getting their name from a late night infomercial, Password:Firebird! have been bumping around Eugene since 2013. All members have played in a number of Eugene bands over the last 20 years. The music sounds like a mix between Kyuss and Sonic Youth or some other 90's amalgamation. It's loud and in your face with fun bits of melody thrown in.

Never taking themselves seriously, pw:fb! are excited to throw down their own brand of rock at the WOW Hall.

            Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 day of show.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and showtime is 8:00.





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