NOTICE: WOW Hall Mask Policy

We are ever mindful that we live in unprecedented times. We strongly encourage individuals to assess their own health risks when attending public events and offer free KN95 masks upon request.

We may receive notice from performers, from time to time, that they require proof of vaccination or a negative test from a source other than a home test.   We will keep the public appraised of any of these requests.

Click Here for CCPA COVID-19 policy

Become A WOW Hall Member

The Historic W.O.W. Hall…

More than a building.  More than a concert hall.  More than a gathering place.

The year 2022 marks the 90th Anniversary of the construction of the W.O.W Hall. In 1975, people like yourself formed this nonprofit organization to save the Woodmen of the World Hall from demolition and keep it community owned and operated. The building was designated a historic landmark by the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. The Woodmen of the World Hall is unique: That rare space where people OF ALL AGES can come together to dance, perform, learn and be entertained.

Today, the CCPA offers a variety of noteworthy services for the community (View a List of Services).

  • Concert performances for all ages, all the time
  • Programming diversity including local, regional, national and international artists
  • Preservation of a historic landmark
  • Improving the facility and its surroundings
  • Stewardship of neighborhood trees
  • Volunteer training provided each month
  • Advanced training in box office, sound and lights
  • Developing leadership in our community
  • Affordable space for classes, workshops, camps, meetings and parties
  • Community poster service with nonprofit rates
  • Collaboration with educational, nonprofit and community organizations
  • Regional draw helps support local businesses
  • Lobby art gallery features regional artists each month
  • Monthly newsletter the WOW Hall Notes
  • Annual WOW Hall Membership Party

Yet, at its heart, the CCPA remains a volunteer organization.  Volunteers filled over 2000 job shifts in the past fiscal year, logging almost 5000 volunteer hours. Dues paying members are also an essential part of the organization, both as a major source of funding and to maintain our commitment to democratic, community control. Members elect and serve on the Board of Directors, receive the WOW Hall Notes monthly, and are invited to celebrate at the annual WOW Hall Membership Party. Please renew your membership and consider increasing your support by a few dollars each year. All contributions are tax deductible and qualify the donor to make a matching grant to the Oregon Cultural Trust that’s a state income tax credit (limits apply).

Any donation $15 or above includes membership in the CCPA.

Please provide a brief description of how you want your contribution to help. For example: "General Operations," or "Education" or "Street Lamp Project."
If someone you know suggested to come to this page and donate/become a member, please give that person credit here!