Community Arts & Education

The CCPA is committed to providing educational activities for all ages and incomes.  Past activities have included  dance classes, drum classes, physical fitness classes, Danceability, classes in the circus arts, music lessons, summer camps for young musicians, backstage sound and lighting classes, volunteer orientations, food and craft shows, public forums, roundtable debates and much more.  If you are interested in having an on-going class, workshop or special event here, please contact

The WOW Hall currently has ongoing dance events, with Dance Empowered occurring three times per week and Coalessence twice a week, unless there's a show..

Dance Empowered with Cynthia Healey

            The WOW Hall’s popular dance and fitness experience, Dance Empowered, meets at the WOW Hall Saturday morning 9:00- 10:00 am and Monday and Wednesday evenings 5:30 – 7:00 pm (when there aren't concerts).  Cost is $8/class or $60 for a ten-class punch card.

Dance Empowered is a group dance experience led by Cynthia Valentine Healey.  Women and men of all ages, dance experience and fitness levels gather for this extraordinary experience wherein dancers are led through accessible dance choreography to music from all over the world.  

From the novice to the seasoned dancer, all belong here. Dancers are encouraged to join the choreography with a "you do you" mentality bringing their own flair and feeling to the moves.  The music and the movements are powerful, emotive, sexy, explosive and inspiring.

Cynthia has selected each song carefully to be evocative and get the group to FEEL into the movements in lieu of executing each step “perfectly”.  People often report experiencing incredible emotional and cathartic experiences.  Cynthia encourages a “don’t hold back” policy and dancers regularly jump on stage to join her in leading the choreography.

Each song in the large and growing repertoire of the class has its own unique choreography inspired from diverse dance styles and Cynthia’s varied dance training background.  While the class ranges in intensity, dancers are encouraged to take breaks and pace themselves in whatever way feels right for them.

The mission of Dance Empowered is to create an inclusive, community-oriented dance experience for the purpose of mutual uplifting, movement of stagnant energy and stress, and fearless engagement in emotional expression through dance.  Dance ability is NOT a requirement.

Cynthia’s full throttle approach to each and every class sets an electrifying tone that keeps the class celebratory and full of exhilaration.  Each class and the remarkable (and huge!) community of dancers who come are heart-forward and the experience is designed to inspire freedom and radical self-acceptance and EMPOWERMENT.  People are encouraged to bring water, wear sneakers with low tread on the soles, and be prepared to sweat and smile your face off.



Coalessence: Community Ecstatic Dance


Held every Sunday morning 10:00 am – noon at the WOW Hall (and Tuesday evening 6:00 – 7:45 at the Vet’s Club) Coalessence is a community of dancers comprised of all ages, sizes, colors and abilities.

“Twice weekly, we gather to explore our own movement to a wild, fresh, and intentional dance set.  Join us in this family-friendly event.  Our circle is warm and open and we welcome people with all levels of experience.

Our Mission: To inspire dynamic dance journeys — sometimes edgy, sometimes easy, always heart-centered — which celebrate and explore movement, connection, and true expression, guided by a rich, diverse soundscape.

“We all hold some facet of the Truth.  Together we are stronger than any one of us alone. When we can stand together in this belief, we can hear our differences as assets and growth opportunities. 

Compassion for self and compassion for others grow together and are connected; finding and recuperating the lost parts of ourself heals everyone.

Let us dance a gentle dance of healing, of peace and loving kindness, of moving a little bit closer to Truth as a human community.”

Cost is a sliding scale exchange of $8-12/ first time free!