NOTICE: WOW Hall Mask Policy

We are ever mindful that we live in unprecedented times. We strongly encourage individuals to assess their own health risks when attending public events and offer free KN95 masks upon request.

We may receive notice from performers, from time to time, that they require proof of vaccination or a negative test from a source other than a home test.   We will keep the public appraised of any of these requests.

Click Here for CCPA COVID-19 policy

CCPA Annual Meeting 2021



            The Community Center for the Performing Arts held it’s annual Membership Meeting on November 14, 2021.  This was a virtual meeting conducted through Zoom.  Approximately 200 members attended.

            Members of the CCPA gather each year to approve a budget, a general policy statement and to elect members to serve on the board of directors.


                                                REVISED BUDGET


            Since the organization’s fiscal year runs from July through June, the Annual Meeting is usually held in the spring.  COVID has disrupted the calendar.  A revised Annual Budget was presented to the membership covering the time period 7/1/21 through 6/30/22.  The organization plans to get back on schedule with the next year’s budget to be approved in spring, 2022.

            The revised budget reflects income of $400,014.62 from a federal Shuttered Venue Operators Grant.  This grant was authorized by the 2021 CARES Act and is designed to help performing arts venues survive the COVID crisis.  It has a sunset provision; the funding ends at the end of June. 

Nearly all of the SVO grant will be spent on approved areas including operating expense, production and payroll. 

With the combined income from events, rentals, contributions, donors and other grants we expect to generate $629,379.62 for FY 22.  We expect to spend nearly all of it in this same period.  However, the CCPA will use this time to rebuild its reserve funds and will be doing active grant writing and fundraising as we enter FY23. (For details please see the accompanying financial report presented at the annual meeting.)


                                    GENERAL POLICY STATEMENT


            Members were read and asked to approve the CCPA 2021 General Policy Statement:


“The CCPA is committed to the balanced and diverse use and 

maintenance of the historic WOW Hall for the good of all ages.  This will include and expand upon the established educational and 

cultural activities, performances, shows and events that the CCPA has

traditionally offered which serve and support a vital, caring and 

inclusive community.” 



                                    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


Interim Executive Director Deb Maher outlined recent team accomplishments:

  •  Established regular staff meetings, time sheets, calendars
  • Provided support to board chair and board
  • Conducted Appreciative Conversations to generate a Findings Report
  • Began organizational assessment of processes and policies
  • Created a Revised Annual budget to include the SVO grant
  • Submitted a grant to the Lane County Arts Council
  • Retained a consultant to conduct a survey of cultural and educational programming
  • Hired staff to re-open downstairs and building is being well-kept
  • Hired additional production staff
  • Prepared articles for the WOW Hall Notes
  • Set-up banking documents
  • 19 shows with total attendance of 3,979
  • Brought financial reports up to date
  • 990 filing completed
  • Production Team is sound and light ready (and still in need of upgrades)
  • All shows are publicized in our newsletter, on the website and via posters


Deb described the coming months as a time of opportunity and accelerating change.  Over the coming six months the organization needs to continue to rebuild staff, make improvements to the facility, and generate more income-generating programming and publicity.  At the same time, the board of directors needs to move away from being an Operational Board to a Generative (strategic) Board and hire a new executive director.

The Interim Executive Director’s term will end on June 30,2021 and during that time Deb will be working with the team to install a new IT system, hire additional staff, and do more community outreach and networking, grant writing, financial oversight, ongoing board support and support finding a permanent Executive Director and overseeing a smooth transition.



                        BOARD ELECTION


The CCPA elected people to fill eight of nine board positions in 2020; five to two-year terms and three for one year.  This year there were four board seats up for election, all for two years.  The floor was opened for nominations and a total of eight candidates accepted.

For the second time in the organization’s history, voting was conducted via email.  Every effort was made to be as inclusive as possible.  Members had from Monday through Friday to complete their ballots.  Members who had expired within the year were allowed to renew their membership and vote.  Tabulation of the votes was done by a neutral third party (Ezy Vote).

There were 197 ballots issued and 186 cast ballots.


Approve 153 (85%)  / Disapprove 5 (3%)  / Abstain 24 (13%)


Approve 163 (90%) / Disapprove 5 (3%) / Abstain 14 (8%)


Elected to the CCPA Board of Directors: Allison Carter, Linda Dievendorf, Mike Walker, David Hughes.

A special thanks and recognition is deserved to candidates Eric Richardson, Johanis Tadeo, John Davis and Camas Wonders, and to those who have served on the board during the past year: Steven Berkson, Mike Meyer and Dan Nathan.

More details and video can be found at




The Board of Directors of the Community Center for the Performing Arts held the first meeting of the new terms on November 29 for the purpose of electing officers.  Elected were:

Chair - Jaci Guerena

Vice-Chair - Ed Kashin

Secretary – Allison Carter

Treasurer – Linda Dievendorf

The CCPA Board of Directors meets monthly.  Currently being held on Zoom, all meetings are open to the public.  Dates, times and links can be found on the website,