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2022 CCPA Board of Directors Candidate Statements

CCPA 2022 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

Ed Kashin

My name is Ed Kashin. I am currently Vice Chair of the Board of  Directors.

I am asking for your support to serve a second term. When I was first elected, the Hall was closed due to the pandemic. I saw this as an opportunity to continue volunteering, using my knowledge

of the organization and it's workings to help bring the Hall back, better and stronger than before.

I can confidently say the Wow Hall is back, stronger than it has ever been and it would be an honor to continue the work that was started almost two years ago.

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Debrae FireHawk


I am a 55yr old Spiritual Counselor, DJ, performer and producer of many styles and have been engaged with WOW Hall throughout the past 30 years.

I believe that creating diverse and inclusive spaces are an important part of engaging our community, and collective creativity, and this would be a focus of mine if elected. 

I  co-created the 3 healing circles in response to the shooting at Wow Hall because I deeply appreciate how important WOW Hall is to our community!  I would like to be part of it all on a deeper level. Thanks for considering!

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Thomas Hiura

Hello, I'm an educator, a spirited volunteer and a lifelong supporter of the WOW Hall.

My regrettable claim to fame is that I witnessed the senseless violence that occurred in January, before working with EPD and doing about 11 news interviews about it.

10 months later, what has received less news coverage is the inspiring comeback -- from multifarious challenges -- that this organization and venue have mounted.

Despite being only 28, I have ample vision, qualifications and commitment to serve, so I hope you will review each candidate's statement. Reach out any time (thomashiura@yahoo.com, 541-513-3904). Thanks for voting! 

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Jaci Guerena

I have been a WOW volunteer since 1992, a staff member for 3.5 years in the 90’s, and I am the current CCPA Board Chair.

I have worked long hours supporting our organization as it returns to service after the pandemic shut us down. If elected, I look forward to 2 more years of service to the CCPA during this time where we have talented staff, four continuing board members who bring valuable skills, a plan for exciting new programs, and financial resources to allow us to continue toward becoming an even greater community resource.

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Sherry Franzen

Hello, all. I'm Sherry Franzen, a longtime Community Center for the Performing Arts WOW Hall volunteer - since 1992. As a community member who's a patron of the arts, I wish to be elected to the Board of Directors to give my support to this non-profit, all ages, all- inclusive community center, a unique treasure, housed in the beautiful, authentic Woodmen of the World Hall in Eugene, Oregon. 

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Nic Gusset

I live near the hall and it lives near to my heart. As an occasional musician, preservation enthusiast and longtime W.O.W. Hall proponent, I care about its future viability. I grasp the importance of balancing the interests of the organization and the staff, while fulfilling the aims of the charter and the needs of our local community in a sustainable way. I'd like to see a board of directors who become more engaged and responsive with the membership, and are fully transparent and accountable, and I'm willing to join the board of directors to assist in that if possible.

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