Rental Information

Please inquire with our Programming Coordinator, Calyn Kelly, at to discuss our rental rates for your event.  Some items listed below may not apply to your event, so please don't hesitate to contact us so we can give you a quote.  We look forward to hearing about your event and working with you! 


$400 damage deposit is required to confirm the date
(It is refundable within 72 hours if no damage occurs as a result & event does not cancel.)

$75 per hour Public Use
$50 per hour Private Use
$30 per hour Non-Profit Use
$25 per hour Educational Use
$1 per person paid attendance (waived for Educational / Private or Non-Profit Use)

Equipment Fees:
$100 (use of house sound system)
$50 (use of house lighting system)

(Staff in Bold is mandatory for Public Concert Events):
House Manager: $100 (Some events may require 2 House Managers)
House Engineer: $150
Monitor Engineer: $100
Production Manager: $150
Janitorial: $50 – (0-200 paid) $75 – (201-400 paid) - $100 – (401+ paid)

Box Office: $50
Stage Manager: $50
Stage Hand: $50
Merch Seller: $50
Runner: $100
Lighting Designer: $100 (may vary depending on lighting needs)

Publicity Options:
$100-$200 posters printed and distributed for 2 weeks (133 posters)
$25 press release written and mailed
$125 print ad (1 panel in our Eugene Weekly ad)
$50 print ad (1 panel in our University of Oregon)
$100 Handbills (One side of a glossy handbill)
$0-$200 Internet Marketing (including targeted on-line Facebook advertising)

Ticket Printing Options:
$0.25 Per ticket printed and use of our outlets:
(WOW Hall Ticket Office, EMU Ticket Office, Skip’s Records & CD World, House of Records, CD/Game Exchange &

At the discretion of the WOW Hall's House Manager
$16 an hour / per guard.

We require a certificate of liability insurance naming Community Center for the Performing Arts as additional insured from your insurance company two weeks prior to event.

Deposit confirms date after approved by Programming Coordinator.

Advance payment required two weeks prior to date.  All costs are estimates, some fees are assessed night of event. The WOW Hall reserves the right to revoke rental privileges at our discretion.