New Politics, Dreamers, The Wrecks

March 3, 2018 - 7:30pm

On Saturday, March 3, the CCPA, Dead Nation Presents and University of Oregon Campus Radio 88.1 FM KWVA proudly welcome to the WOW Hall New Politics along with special guests Dreamers and The Wrecks.

The ballots have been tabulated and here are the election results.  Old politics are out, and New Politics are in! 

New Politics -- consisting of Danish-born, David Boyd [lead vocals, guitar] and Søren Hansen  [bass, guitar, keys, vocals], as well as NY native Louis Vecchio [drums] -- exploded onto the scene with their smash hit "Harlem" earning over 31 million Spotify streams and reaching the top five on alternative radio.  The band has since released three studio albums featuring a slew of hit singles, including "Everywhere I Go" and "Tonight You're Perfect”, securing major syncs in Frozen, America's Got Talent, ESPN, Bud Light, Doritos, and more.  New Politics have made the full late night circuit, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers  and CONAN, and played to sold out crowds around the world, touring with everyone from Pink and Fall Out Boy to Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

Lost In Translation, the fourth studio album by New Politics, was released on October 6.  Five singles were released prior to the album's release, along with a music video for "One Of Us”.  The focus of the new album is on life after touring and growing more successful, as well as describing the task of reinventing themselves through the tight bonds that the band developed over the years.

New Politics are one of the modern era’s premiere rock acts, a hard-working band driven by passion and love, with a breathtaking, engaging live show that gets everyone in on the action.  “One of Us” heralds a long-awaited return; it is New Politics’ first offering since 2015’s third album Vikings.

“One of Us” is bright, melodic and inviting; it acknowledges (and commits to getting through) the bad, sad, hard and dark times, without diminishing their significance.  Personal and universal, it comes from a place of truth and vulnerability that all too frequently gets swallowed up and squashed as bands get on in their careers. In the case of New Politics, the truth serves as inspiration for the best music.




Dreamers, a Los Angeles based cosmic rock band consisting of Nick Wold, Nelson, and Jacob Wick, is touring in support of their debut, This Album Does Not Exist.



The three main elements defining Dreamers are almost irreconcilable. 

First, Dreamers’ aesthetic embodies psychedelia.  It hearkens back to simpler times on the Internet, when pixilated 8-bit imagery of starry nights looked like HD.  The group flaunts its self-made exploding rainbow gifs like a unicorn in heat. 

Second, contrary to what these psychedelic visions may musically imply, Dreamers plays smart pop.  The 12 tracks on the trio’s debut LP This Album Does Not Exist sizzle and spark with three-minute tunes to perk you up and make you shake.

Third, according to Dreamers, there’s a point to this. 

When Dreamers members Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Nelson (bass/vocals), and Jacob Wick (drums) talk about This Album Does Not Exist, they assume a collective tone of considerate existentialism. They seek to counter the crassness of pop, the snobbery of jazz, and the pretention of indie that zaps the fun out of music with meaning. Yet, they want to draw you in, indiscriminate of taste, style or ideology.

“Nothing exists by itself,” muses Wold. “Everything in your mind is created in your mind and you see the world through that lens. Everything has a subjective reality in addition to an objective one, especially with music and art.  So on this record, we’re toying with that idea of existence and nonexistence.” 

Yet, these songs of playfulness come from a place of less —homelessness, joblessness and borderline hopelessness.  In 2014, Wold simultaneously vacated a relationship and an apartment and began living in his Brooklyn practice space. The brick warehouse used to be a brewery, he recalls, with rats as ubiquitous as the graffiti crawling the walls. 

“It was just a cinderblock room with no windows, no bathrooms, ” begins Wold before Nelson chimes in, “Musical prison!” 

Recalls Wold, “I showered with this $20 a month gym membership I had.”  When he returned to the studio, “I just tried to make it look like I was coming in for a night session.”

During the two years of living in this “musical prison,” Wold reduced his bartending gig to just once per week.  It freed up his schedule to write more than 100 songs, many of which ended up on This Album Does Not Exist.

Meanwhile, both Nelson and Wick bottomed out on the musician lifestyle and returned to office jobs in New York and Los Angeles, respectively. As Nelson says, “We found ourselves in ‘normal’ situations and quickly decided to yank ourselves out of it.”

So now, after bouts of vagrancy, nomadism, and vigilant attempts at normalcy, Dreamers is now committed to its collective vision of artistry, inclusion and idealism. 

“The role of the artist in society is to be the dreamer, the one who thinks ahead,” states Wold.




Los Angeles-based indie rock band The Wrecks root from Thousand Oaks, CA.  The group consists of Nick Anderson (vocals/guitar), Nick Schmidt (guitar), Westen Weiss (guitar), Aaron Kelley (bass) and Billy Nally (drums).  Heavily influenced by groups such as The Pixies, The Strokes, Weezer, and Vampire Weekend, this 5-piece isn't afraid to blend undeniably catchy choruses, with lyrics and vocals that have an underlying substance and a certain quirk that give them their young, signature sound. 

The Wrecks actually recorded their upcoming debut EP on a whim, alongside friend and engineer Andrew D’Angelo, when they were surprised with the news that a friend had been granted access to a studio for just a few days. With a total budget of $0, and only a week as a band under their belts, the group set out to record the best songs that they could in three days.  After working ridiculous hours through the night, and to the next day whenever they could get in the studio, the three days were over and the EP was cut.  The Wrecks released their first single “Favorite Liar” in March 2016.

“Catchy and reeking of mischief,” notes Infectious Magazine, “’Favorite Liar’ is their first single. It’s nostalgic, it’s punchy, it hits all the right builds.”


Special Student Pricing-Stop by the WOW Hall office or the EMU and present your student ID to purchase 4 tickets for $68.  

Tickets are $27 in advance, $30 day of show.  Student Special: $68 for four tickets with student ID at UO Ticket Office and WOW Hall.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and showtime is 7:30.


Door Time: 
March 3, 2018 - 6:30pm
$27 Advance, $30 Day of Show