Vial...Experiment, Toxic Zombie, Sweater For An Astronaut, Val Bauer

January 6, 2018 - 7:30pm

            On Saturday, January 6, the Community Center for the Performing Arts and Phoenix Productions Presents proudly welcome Vial…Experiment back to the WOW Hall along with special guests Toxic Zombie, Sweater For An Astronaut and Val Bauer.

Vial…Experiment brings a truly authentic and intensely heavy wall of sound to every show they play. Established in 2007, Vial…Experiment has undergone many transformations over the years before finally settling on the powerhouse line up that it brings to the stage today.

Kevin Wayne (Kevlar) Richardson fronts the group with haunting vocals and his screaming guitar -- a serenade of emotion and soul with a story written in-between the lines.  

Mike (Madman) Nelson brings the high end to eleven, playing his guitar to the thrill of those that hear it.  How does he make that guitar sound so good?  “It’s all in the hands” is what he would say.

Tim (Talos) Benton holds the band in check with the some of the tightest drumming heard this side of the Mississippi.  The youngest member of Vial…Experiment, Tim has accumulated the experience of players twice his age.

It’s been said before that there’s only one thing that matters about rock music concerts.  “Do they kick ass or not?”  In this band, they have an ass do the kicking.  On bass is Jason (Fatt Ass) Lindsay.  Rooted in a blues background, his style and stage presence are one of a kind and not easily forgotten.  

The fact is when going to a Vial…Experiment show, you will have fun, you will feel the music, the sound and the chemistry that the members have with each other and you WILL know you have been to a rock show -- from the time the first note plays up until the set ends with a boom.



Toxic Zombie is Horror based Rock N Roll from Portland.  Band members are Grimm Dizaster (vocals), Bishop Freeman Manfree (guitar), Dead End Johnny (guitar), Starbie SixtySix (bass) and Lugz (drums).

Embalmed with the foundation of American Rock N Roll and rejuvenated with decades of iconic influences, Toxic Zombie has been reborn from the slowly rotting corpse of modern music to bring back the undead drive of straightforward brain eating rock!

Toxic Zombie has self-produced two full length Albums (Poison The Airwaves; Live Toxic, Die Toxic) one E.P (intoxicated), three Music Videos (Gypsy, Run For Your Life, Embrace The Horror) and a lyric video for the most recent single (“Liar”).  They have performed on the Sumerian records stage, for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, as well as consistently performing as direct support for touring acts that visit the Pacific Northwest region.

The band currently working on a follow up to Live Toxic, Die Toxic entitled Going Viral but will be releasing singles along the way for fans to enjoy and possibly help guide development. New music videos and lots of live shows throughout the Pacific Northwest will continue and increase.  Being completely self-funded independent artists allows them to bring the fans what the fans want.

Versus the laboratory-concocted monsters that just stumble around for a while then fall down, Toxic Zombie represents the undying spirit that embodies Rock N Roll culture of all genres and stand by the statement “Rock N Roll is UnDead!”



Sweater For An Astronaut is a two-piece band from Eugene.  Playing music together since 1992, members Chris Phillips and Colton Williams are no strangers to the stage.  The two of them are very comfortable being on stage together and it allows them to reach deep and bring a sludgy, almost bluesy feel to their sound with Sweater For An Astronaut.

“With only two people being on the stage you have to work really hard to grab the audience’s attention,” states Chris Phillips (drums).  “We are trying to play out of our comfort zone at times and get as creative as possible and not stick to any one particular genre.”

Sweater For An Astronaut plays the music that they love for nothing but the pure joy of making music. Sweater For An Astronaut will not be playing at your local bar every weekend, or trying to do a full scale national tour, so try to come check them out if you get a chance, they might surprise you.



Portland songwriter Val Bauer's music deals with the recognition and reconciliation of those harsh truths that come to light and are what's left after the world has started to lose its luster and we see it for what it is -- or might be if we let it.  It's about the struggle, but also the optimism that it is possible to not have to accept what's given us; that we're all fighting the same fight, and that we're not alone.

The earnest confessional of Val Bauer’s music follows in the tradition of songwriters like Ryan Adams and Elliott Smith, building on the foundation of the emo/pop punk of his youth: artists like Saves the Day and Dashboard Confessional.  His fourth EP, Malaise, recorded and produced in Seattle by Jackson Long, is his strongest and most revealing yet, confronting the harsh truths of life head-on.  The message is universal, reading like poetic expression of your own most personal journal entries.  It’s the combination of these accessible topics with hooks that stay etched in your mind that set Val apart from an ever-expanding sea of aspiring songsters.

            Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 day of show.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and showtime is 7:30.



Door Time: 
January 6, 2018 - 7:00pm
$8 Advance, $10 Day of Show