Voting Deadline Extended to 5:00 PM



Thank you to everyone who attended the CCPA Membership Meeting last night.  BallotPoint Election Servies worked great, but there are a handful of people who did not receive a ballot (human error).  We have extended the deadline to 5:00 pm today and hope to have all problems resolved by then.


The Community Center for the Performing Arts will be using BallotPoint Election Services, an Oregon-based vendor, to provide members with the option of private electronic voting. The BallotPoint system makes voting quick and easy by email or smartphone/text.  

"CCComplete, founded in 1994, is an employee-owned company with union membership in the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU) Local 2/289M.   Our service is known as BallotPoint—We developed it—WE own it—It is unique—It is patented—And it has NEVER been compromised.

BallotPoint has been used for 20+ years in thousands of elections with millions of votes cast. We continue to update our system by adding new features to increase voter participation, updating our site to make our system easy to use regardless of your device all while ensuring your elections are compliant with appropriate laws and your constitution and bylaws. "



Here are more details:


Meeting link will be active at 5:00 pm and admission begins.

Each person’s membership will be verified as they enter the meeting.  Each member will be given a voting number.  You will be asked how you wish to cast your ballot.  For electronic voting, we will verify or request your email or phone number.


Admissions will be put on hold during the nomination process.   After nominations are closed, there will be a short break for final admissions, after which the room will be closed to new admissions.


Once candidates have finished speeches and Q&A, BallotPoint will be able to send invitations to those in attendance.  Members will receive the invitation and then click on a link that takes them to BallotPoint.  Complete the ballot (vote for up to eight but no more), click finished and you are done.  You may exit the meeting it you wish.  Members will have until 11:00 pm to vote.


For those voting at the meeting on Zoom, each member will be called in the order they entered the room, then transferred to a breakout room where volunteers will record the vote.  Volunteers are pledged to keep it confidential.  If a member does not respond when called, they will be called again at the end of the line.



CCPA Membership Meeting Agenda Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

Meeting will be held on Zoom. Login instructions to be posted at   Admission begins at 5:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order 6:00 p.m.

II. Welcome and Introductions

III. Ground Rules

IV. Nominations for Board of Directors*

a. Board Member Nomination and Acceptance

b. Nominee statement & questions

V. Break/Caucus – ballot formation

VI. Ballot Distribution – Vote**

VII. Break/Votes Tallied 

VIII. Introduction of New Board

IX. Adjourn

*A person must have been a CCPA member for 30 days to run for the board.

**A person must be present in the room at the time of the vote.  For this year, being active on Zoom constitutes being present.

The WOW Hall Notes for September are now available online.

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