Thank you for supporting the WOW Hall!

Dear CCPA Members-

You may have recently received a letter from "Friends of the WOW Hall". This group does not represent the CCPA Board, and is attempting legal actions against the board. 

Because of this, several meetings mentioned in that letter must be delayed while the CCPA consults with an attorney. 

CCPA bylaws currently do not allow any voting methods outside of traditional in-person votes. Until we get legal guidance on that issue, the annual membership meeting cannot be held. 

The regular board meeting, originally scheduled for June 16, is also being postponed. 

When these meetings are re-scheduled, information regarding dates, time and venue will be posted on the WOW Hall website. Notice will also be mailed for the membership meetings.

An update on the Paycheck Protection Program:

Board members did extensive research on this program before deciding to accept the funds. We were funded in the second round. This money has been received and deposited, but has not been spent. 

The period of spending for forgiveness has been extended through December 2020. Currently two staff are back on payroll - for bookkeeping and building maintenance. 

We are closely monitoring the requirements for this program and are confident most, if not all, of this loan will be forgiven. 

Thank you for your continued support of the CCPA/ WOW Hall! It's definitely not "business as usual", but we can get through this time and come out stronger on the other side!


Robyn Kelly, Board Chair

The WOW Hall is temporarily closed to the public due to COVID-19 & gathering ban.  Stay safe and well.  

You can donate to the CCPA and avoid merchant fees by mailing a check to:

Community Center for the Performing Arts / WOW Hall

291 W 8th Ave.

Eugene OR 97401C


- You can always find the cheapest tickets at the WOW Hall.  No service charge for CCPA productions; $1 for rentals.  Additional $1 service charge on all phone orders.  The Box Office is currently closed; you can leave a message at 541-687-2746.  To buy tickets online, go to (Ticketweb service charges apply).

 - BRING THE KIDS: The WOW Hall is open for all ages, all the time.  For most CCPA productions, children 6 through 11 are half-price at the door and ages five and under are free (when accompanied by parent or adult guardian).  For information on specific shows, please call the WOW Hall office at 541-687-2746.

The WOW Hall is owned and operated by the Community Center for the Performing Arts, a membership-based 501c3 arts organization.  Tax deductible memberships are on a sliding scale.  JOIN NOW.