It's going to be hot outside!  The WOW Hall's Main Hall is air-conditioned.  Join us Friday, July 10 for SHELLAC plus SHANNON WRIGHT; doors open 8:00 pm.  When you come to chill out at a summer show, you can really chill out!!  

SHOWS CANCELED: The CCPA will, unfortunately, not be able to provide a simulcast of The Grateful Dead over the weekend.  According to Aaron Dietrich of Grateful Web, "The rules have been flipped and now the GD50 production is mandating a Commercial License to stream in a public place.    This is crushing.  The whole "Simulcast" was handed off to Live Alliance, who is now managing it.  I was contacted and informed from Shore Fire Media, the original management that told me there would be a webcast in the first place and that I would fine.  The Commercial License pricing is based on Fire Code capacity.  The license for the 500 - 600 capacity  range is ...  $2500 per night!   There is no way I can humanly do these shows now.  I think our best bet is to get the word out and say that we have to shut it down because of the massive costs that are now required."
The new HiFi will be simulcasting the shows in their smaller bar (with small stage).  Admittance is free for ages 21 and over.

The WOW HALL NOTES for JUNE 2015 is now available online.  See right.

BRING THE KIDS: The WOW Hall is open for all ages, all the time.  For most CCPA productions, children 6 through 11 are half-price at the door and ages five and under are free (when accompanied by parent or adult guardian).  For information on specific shows, please call the WOW Hall office at 541-687-2746.

You can always find the cheapest tickets at the WOW Hall.  No service charge for CCPA productions; $1 for rentals.  Additional $1 service charge on all phone orders.  Box office hours are Noon-6:00 pm M-F; 541-687-2746.