WOW Wellness Collective Gathering

May 21, 2017 - 3:00pm

What: WOW Wellness Collective Gathering
Where: WOW Hall, 8th and Lincoln St Eugene, OR
When: Sunday, May 21, 2017,  1 to 3 pm Please arrive as close to 1 as possible
Admission: Free with donations accepted.. Please bring a healthy snack to share.
For more information: Mike at

“WOW Wellness Collective": A community monthly donation-only nurturing mental health and wellness experience inspiring self-determination, connection, social justice, and integrity. The gathering provides experiential, holistic activities to support emotional well-being, wellness education, resource sharing, and fun.

Activities planned for May:
1)      Healthy snack potluck/sharing.
2)      Singing positive songs together led by songwriter, song weaver Osprey Huffsmith "singalongs with grooves”
3)      Art Creation with Brian Hahn (premier region art party leader, designer, painter)
4)      Addictions prevention/treatment overview and community resources. Mike Meyer LCSW, CADC I, QMHP <>
5)    Feldenkrais Method for Walking  Christine Rachinsky  The Feldenkrais Method teaches, through movement, how we can improve our capabilities to function in our daily lives.Awareness through Movement lessons will invite you to explore and improve freedom of movement, body awareness, improve relaxation response and relief from the effects of stress, help reduce aches and pains, and shift habitual movement patterns.
6)      Collage creation/co-creation (including display of last month's art project)
7)     Community resource information for low/no cost wellness activities in the community
8)   Free Yoga Nidra recordings available
9)  Gift Circle with  offering and receiving items and services to meet community member needs.

10 ) Movement and dance on the beautiful WOW Hall floor

WOW Wellness Collective is a progressive community of 21st century mental health and wellness professionals often isolated by constraints of their practices who work with people experiencing symptoms and effects of isolation. We, as community health and wellness  professionals, are  building a non- hierarchy of collective liberation to also address:
-providing up to date information on affordable health and wellness care practices to the Eugene/Springfield public and with other practitioners
-bring awareness of social injustice associated with health care costs to encourage participatory wellness practices,
-share and promote health and wellness resources available in our community
-promote healthy, inspiring, and self determination among all our members.

As providers of tools for mind, body, and center health and wellness, as a collective we strive to have everyone live in optimum balanced health. 


Free with donations accepted.