Event Date/Doors Open: 
Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 6:15pm
Event Time: 
Free and open to the public

            The special meeting of the membership of the Community Center for the Performing Arts is now scheduled for Sunday, June 28 beginning at 3:00 pm.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the organization’s budget.

            The CCPA’s Annual Membership Meeting, which includes elections for the board of directors and approval of the 2020/21 budget, will be held on Sunday, June 12.

            The meeting is being called to address deviations from the budget approved at last year’s Annual Membership Meeting.  CCPA bylaws call for such a meeting when “substantial deviations from the approved budget and/or policy are contemplated.”

            The CCPA is dependent on ticket sales for the bulk of its income.  Additional earned income includes concessions, rentals, classes, service charges, poster service and newsletter ads.  Memberships provide the most contributed income, along with a $5000 grant from Lane Arts Council and sponsorships/fundraising events.

            Primary expenses are payroll and production expenses (including artist and class instructor fees), as well as insurance, utilities, printing, supplies and maintenance.

            People who care about the WOW Hall are urged to bring ideas and a cooperative attitude.  We hope to have an experienced facilitator(s) help to make this meeting productive.

            You don’t have to be member to come and participate.  The current gathering limit of 25 may require an onliine meeting or additional rescheduling, as a quorum of 25 is required.