Wishbone Ash - 50th Anniversary Argus Live

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 7:30pm
Event Time: 
$25 Advance, $30 Day of Show

On Tuesday, March 10, the Community Center for the Performing Arts proudly welcomes Wishbone Ash to the WOW Hall.  For this special show, Wishbone Ash will perform their landmark album, Argus, in its entirety.



Wishbone Ash celebrates a half-century of lead guitar power in 2020.  Formed in October 1969 in London, England, Wishbone Ash is one of the most influential guitar bands in the history of rock. Inspired equally by British folk traditions, American jazz and R&B, the group played to public and critical acclaim.  

Formed in 1969 in London, Wishbone Ash has released 25 original studio recordings, 11 live albums and five live DVDs (along with a DVD rockumentary).  Back in the day, Wishbone Ash cut their teeth on the US stadium circuit first opening for The Who.  Once they began headlining in the States, Wishbone’s opening acts included Springsteen, Kiss and Aerosmith. With a new album, Coat of Arms, and a new single, “We Stand As One”, just released, they are currently being discovered by new generations of rock fans.

The band's third release, Argus is interwoven with medieval and spiritual imagery, featuring such classics as “The King Will Come”, “Throw Down the Sword” and “Blowin' Free”.  It is on Argus that guitarists Andy Powell and Ted Turner perfected their melodic twin-lead style.

By all standards, Argus was an extraordinary achievement. In his memoir, Eyes Wide Open, Powell says, “In retrospect, nothing else we did would be quite so significant. … It turned out to be an album of powerfully if loosely connected themes: time passing, aspiration, conflict, good and evil.”

The album's iconic cover design is one of Hipgnosis' legendary works - a sentry surveying a misty landscape - encapsulating the title of the album, which was taken from Greek mythology's one-eyed watcher.

“There was this wonderful cinematic imagery of 'The Warrior' on the cover, the artwork bringing a visual dimension to the music within,” Powell says.

Released in April 1972, Argus reached No. 3 in the UK charts and was named “Best Album” in the Melody Maker's annual poll, selling more than one million copies worldwide.  Argus is the quintessential Wishbone Ash recording, the holy grail of realizing the band's unique and complex vision.  Remixed and remastered for the album's 30th in 2002, the reissue was one of the fastest sell out printings in MCA history. 

Citing Wishbone Ash as an influence on their style, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Southern Rock outfits like Lynyrd Skynyrd and, more recently, heavyweights like Opeth have all taken a little something from the legendary twin-guitar approach of Wishbone Ash. Truly, there is no other rock band on the planet that has done more with the twin guitar concept than the Ash.

Today, Wishbone Ash is still fronted by Andy Powell, with Mark Abrahams (guitar), Bob Skeat (bass) and Joe Crabtree (drums).

Tickets are $25 advance, $30 day of show.  Doors open at 7:30 pm and showtime is 8:00.  This show will be half seated, half open dance floor.

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