Slow Magic, Point Point, Qrion

December 3, 2017 - 9:00pm

By Frankie Kerner

On Sunday, December 3, electronic artist Slow Magic will be taking the stage at WOW Hall.  Hidden behind a colorful animal mask, Slow Magic conceals his identity in an effort to draw more focus to the music rather than the man making the music.  Nobody knows who Slow Magic really is behind the mask, but that doesn’t stop fans from enjoying the dreamy electronic rhythms that emanate from his albums.

His new album, Float, was just released on October 6th.  Float is Slow Magic’s third official studio album, following How To Run Away, his 2014 album.  Along with “Float”, Slow Magic shared a new single, “Light”, which features Tropics.  Slow Magic also released the single “Mind” featuring Kate Boy prior to his newest release.

About his single, “Light”, Slow Magic says, “‘Light’ is one of my favorites from the upcoming album.  It started with a harp sample I was playing on my keyboard.  I really enjoyed the way it played and ended up just messing around with it for hours.  I wanted the song to convey the tension between a really calm and expected moment, suddenly followed by something intense.  Light has always been an inspiration of mine.  It can determine and define our surroundings in a way nothing else really can – it even dictates our mood and emotions.  When Chris from Tropics sent me the lyrics it worked perfectly.  He captured in a love song everything I wanted to say musically.”

Slow Magic worked on the album Float on a trip to Iceland, where he says, “The sun never really went away.  It was eternal.”  The surreal setting of Iceland was an inspiration for Slow Magic, and caused him to have a bit of a paradigm shift.  He explains, “I wanted to approach this album in ways I never had before.”

When explaining his last album, How To Run Away, Slow Magic says, “[the album] was about my life at that time, really just moving at all times, running away from any reality and problems.  I wanted to capture that feeling of freedom of youth when nothing really seems to matter in the long term.  A lot of the songs were about specific places in the world I was able to experience for the very first time.”

In comparison, on the album Float, he explains its differences.  He says, “I wanted to go back to the beginning of Slow Magic.  I wanted to capture the raw sounds and feelings and freedom of my first albums Triangle and How To Run Away while expanding and evolving into something completely new.  Most of the songs started very stripped down, just with piano and organic instruments.  I let the songs write themselves without forcing them to go anywhere they didn't naturally go.”

Float is in some ways a turning point for Slow Magic.  He explains, “I'm planning a lot of new things that I haven't done before.  There will be a completely revamped live show with a ton of new music.  I'm hoping people that have been to my show and people that never have will all feel like they are experiencing something they never have imagined.” 

On December 3rd, Slow Magic will be providing not only a great show, but an incredible experience.  He is making an effort to provide his audience with an all-immersive show that will leave you feeling new and refreshed.  Check out any of his music videos to get a sense of the aesthetic capacity Slow Magic has.  This show is going to be a treat visually and musically. Slow Magic isn’t just a treat for the ears, but the eyes, as well.

Opening for Slow Magic will be Point Point and Qrion.

Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 day of show.  Doors open at 8:00 and showtime is 9:00.




Door Time: 
December 3, 2017 - 8:00pm
$15 Advance, $18 Day of Show