SHOW POSTPONED: Itchy Fest 5: The Athiarchists, Breakneck Flow, ICED, Danny Died, Bible Reader, The Procrastinators, DJ TW FRISCO

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Friday, April 17, 2020 - 6:30pm
Event Time: 
$5 Advance, $5 Day of Show

            On Friday, April 17, the Community Center for the Performing Arts and University of Oregon Campus Radio 88.1 FM KWVA proudly host Itchyfest 5 featuring The Athiarchists, Breakneck Flow, ICED, Danny Died, Bible Reader and The Procrastinators withDJ TW Frisco.

            Itchyfest 5 marks the fifteen-year anniversary of Aaron Tunnell (guitar, bass, vocals) and Dano Lemm (drums, vocals) playing music together.  The line up for Itchyfest 5 is just what you would expect from this duo -- very eclectic and hard hitting.

            Here's a list of the bands playing this years event.




            The Procrastinators are a trio that proves the phrase "you do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life" to be correct.  Members Don (drums) and Jeff (bass, vocals) have been playing music together since 1979.  They played together in some cover bands, and then created Attack and the Fun, which lasted for a couple years ending in 1982.

            After years of a musical hiatus, flash forward to the year 2007, where the two met Kelly (guitar and vocals).  That's when The Procrastinators were born.  The name derived from eventually getting around to playing music.

            The Procrastinators will be 13 years in September; Jeff and Don both stating, "It’s better than having 13 years of playing poker, at least we have something to show for it."

            When asked, “What's the most important thing to remember when you have played music for so long?”  They replied, "You have to be really tolerant, don’t let band drama get in the way."

            Another question for Jeff and Don was, “Who are some collective influences in the band?”

            "We did like three songs from the Beat Farmers, and I’m going to throw my (Jeff) Bruce Springsteen out there, he’s (Don) got his Tom Petty."

            A new album is in the works for the trio. When they first started making it, Jeff called it "Nine years of struggle and wine.  Now we’re up to 13 years of struggle and no wine."

            Advice for anyone wanting to play music?

            "Do it for fun, not for money, do it as a hobby, unless you are the next hobby, it can be a passionate hobby."

            There are some projects in the works as well.  Jeff and Don are starting a new CD, the mindset going into it will be, "A real concerted effort into a few songs, maybe record them at a good studio like Gung Ho."

            Catch The Procrastinators as they open up the show!


            Up after The Procrastinators is the band Bible Reader.  We dont know much about them honestly...  After Bible Reader we have rapper Danny Died.


            DANNY DIED


            Danny Died, a 22-year old musician originally from the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, is putting his fingerprints on the Oregon music scene with what he describes as, "the natural evolution of Body Count.  Rap you can skank to."

            At the end of 2016 Danny started making music with a positive mental attitude and a "cruddy yeti mic" that he still uses.

            When asked what his motivation was to make music he responded, "I don't know -- I just did it.  Always trying to make something.  And rapping is easy to me."

            Danny moved to Eugene about two years ago, and has been playing a steady amount of local shows that seem to be picking up rapidly with a solid following.  A blend of rap, trap -- along with a metal and punk attitude -- has even the most shy spectator bouncing around and unable to stand still.  Some of Danny's influences include, "anything that combines rap and hardcore."  As well as Xxtentacion, Minor Threat, Earth Crisis, S.O.D., Nascar Aloe -- just to name a few.

            When asked how people can find his music, Danny replied, "soundcloud, or bother me to make you a CD, I have so much unreleased music."

            After Danny Died will be eugene hardcore band ICED.




            This interview was conducted by Dano with vocalist Elle.

            Where did the band name come from?

            "Really doesn’t mean much, we just took the name from a movie we own on VHS called ICED.  It’s a slasher film that takes place on a ski resort.  Name sounded cool and we ran with it."

            How long has ICED been a band?

            "We 'formed' in summer of 2016, but released our first demo and didn’t have any members other than Jordan (drums) and I (Elle, vocals) until February of 2017."

            Any prior bands for any members?

            "We all have been in numerous bands in the past and all have other current projects as well -- Arkhum, Weather, Vomit Violence -- all notable prior bands."

            How did you all meet and when?

            "Jordan (drums) and Kenny (bass) have known each other since they were teens.  Elle (vocals) and Jordan (drums) had been in bands together a few years before ICED had formed.  Then we all met Josh (guitar) shortly after he moved here from Utah."

            What collective influences do you have musically?

            "Hardcore from all eras. Our goal is to blend the sounds of 80’s hardcore with current heavier bands."

            What would you all say is the main message behind your music?

            "Empowering survivors of abuse and sexual assault. That’s by far the most important thing for our content. Strong survivor power / feminist message."

            What genre do you consider yourselves in your own words?

            "We’re just a hardcore band. We don’t add any extra labels on to it. Hardcore."

            When was your first show? "April of 2017 at Blairhouse (RIP)."

            Any plans for a release our tour this year?

            "Yes to both. We have a bunch of stuff planned for this year but haven’t made our announcement yet. Stay tuned."

            How can people find your music?

            "We are on basically every major streaming platform. Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, YouTube, etc."




            In terms of sound, Breakneck Flow take a great deal of influence from 80s hardcore bands. In terms of their personal playing styles, they took from every branch of the tree. "We really value each other based on what we bring to the table. We believe that we are diverse in our skillsets."

            Breakneck Flow has been a band just over a year and a half now. It was midsummer of 2018, just after Ethan, McCay and Cort graduated. Ian is a year under the other three so he was in his last year of high school when the band started making moves.

            The band has an album on the way!  They will be dropping singles from the album before it's release.

            "We are excited to start engaging with our audience more in the streaming side of things. We have been good about writing and now it’s time to return the favor to those who have listened to us and supported us while we prioritized shows for a while."

            This will be Breakneck Flow's first time playing the WOW Hall. Needless to say, the band is absolutely thrilled  "It's a pleasure and an honor to share it with the best in Eugene!"

            Breakneck Flow's overall message is subject to change with the times. "We all agree that when we write our music, we write it in efforts to let people know that it’s okay to be heard. In fact, don't let yourself go unheard, especially when it really counts. Also, another equally important value...  Do what you think is right for yourself. Live by your own standards. You know what’s right for yourself."

            When asked what advice would they have for aspiring musicians who may be broke, shy or apprehensive, they responded perfectly with this quote.  "Surround yourself with good likeminded people and seize opportunity wherever possible. If that means someone offers you a free ukulele with two strings, take it. If someone asks you to speak in front of an audience, look them in the eye and use your outside voice. We know you can do it!"

            In between our aforementioned talented acts, we have a special guest keeping local musicians performing. We welcome DJ TW Frisco to Itchyfest 5.




            DJ TW Frisco started his endeavor with turntables in the mid 80's. Dropped it for a while. Picked it up again. Dropped it once again to pursue a higher education in college, then picked it back up again shortly after where he started making a little bit of money by "playing house and techno."

            It was when mixing in with underground turntable crews and gaining a greater understanding in turntable styling itself, that TW Frisco came into his own in the early 90's. He then started drinking whiskey. His influences in turntable styling include Derrick May, Eddie Fowlkes, Goldie, Carl Cox, and Doc Martin.

            TW frisco describes the art of turntable styling as, "Something that has to be perfect for the audience.  Someone paid money to hear a flawless art form. The last thing someone wants is that ripped off feeling while they are in the middle of some spiritual awakening with themselves and someone in charge of music just messes everything up like a fan hitting a castle made of cards. Or knocking over your dominoes after you set them all up perfectly. Or someone kicking your freshly raked pile of leaves."

            Catch TW Frisco on turntables in between bands!




            And lastly, after 15 years as a band, and five years of building the brand Itchy Ribs, The Athiarchists have chosen the WOW HALL to celebrate two separate milestones on the same evening.

            The duo, consisting of Aaron and Dano, started in the year 2005 roughly -- seeing as both of them can’t really remember the exact date of when the band got it's start.  Aaron states, "It’s a little complicated because the band really started out as a 9 piece and Dano wasn't even in the band yet."

            "We started playing music around 4/20 and seeing as we both cant remember the exact date we formed, we thought we would stick with 4/20 as a good anniversary date,” says Aaron, who plays his guitar on four strings, with both a bass input, and guitar input, and sings/screams half of The Athiarchists vocals.

            "Fifteen years as a band isn’t something commonly heard in Eugene these days." Dano adds. "Its hard for both of us to say if we knew we would survive as a band this far or not. I mean that's the goal at the end of the beginning of it all but, we have had some curveballs thrown at us that we have had to acclimate to. We are just thankful to be able to have kept making music this long.

            "At the end of the question you will find the answer to be both no and yes."

            When asked what people can expect from The Athiarchists on April 17th, Aaron responded, "An inexpensive experience. It's very important to both Dano and myself to make our shows cost as little as possible. Rage our balls off, kick some ass, bring everyone together and have a good time. But that's obvious. I would say getting to see us longer than a 30 minute set!"

            Dano added, "It's going to hurt. Feel great. You'll laugh, you'll cry. All at once. Like getting through your first roller coaster. But at the end it's about having a good time, cause that's the damn point."

            Do not miss Itchyfest 5 April 17th at the WOW HALL.

            Tickets are just $5 in advance or at the door.  Doors open at 6:30 pm and showtime is 7:00.