Oregon Country Fair

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The 2018 Oregon Country Fair will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 13, 14, 15.  

            During the Fair, the nonprofit Community Center for the Performing Arts co-hosts the WOW Hall/KLCC Booth, located at the back of the Main Stage meadow.  This “showpiece” booth was constructed in 2011 and was designed by Scott Felsher of Rainbow Valley Design & Construction. 

            The WOW Hall operates a pack check service during public hours.  You are welcome to bring your backpack, ice chest, costume, stroller or what have you to the booth and leave it there.  For the nominal fee of $2, WOW Hall staff and volunteers will watch it for you and make sure you get it back. 

            Temperatures can vary during the public hours, but you probably don’t want to carry everything for every eventuality around with you.  Here’s a tip: wear your bathing suit under your street clothes and then when it gets hot, leave the duds with the dudes at the booth and stroll the Fair in cool comfort!  You can access your belongings throughout the day.

            With the Fair Family itself camped at times great walking distances from Main Stage, it might be worth a couple dollars (to a good cause) not to have to travel back to the campsite several times a day.  Bring in a daypack and we’ll keep it handy.

            You can also find out about upcoming shows and volunteer opportunities, pick up the WOW Hall Notes, preorder merchandise, and become a supporting member of the Community Center for the Performing Arts.

            The WOW Hall booth is open during public hours, 11:00 am through sweep.  And in case you are wondering what goes on in the other half of the booth: KLCC will be broadcasting the music from Main Stage on 89.7 FM all weekend!


KLCC will Broadcast the 2018 Oregon Country Fair July 13, 14, 15

KLCC 89.7 FM will broadcast the Oregon Country Fair throughout the weekend of July 13, 14 & 15, bringing the music and ambiance of the Fair to anyone with a radio, browser, mobile device or smart speaker!

Regular KLCC programming will be pre-empted for this unique Oregon event.

KLCC's live broadcast begins at 2 pm on Friday, and noon on Saturday & Sunday. Enjoy the Main Stage performances all weekend, plus many feature stories from KLCC roving reporters.

On Friday July 13, from 11 am to 2 pm, KLCC is collecting stories for their “Fair Shares” project.  Fair goers are encouraged to come to the KLCC booth in pairs and share their favorite Fair moment together.  KLCC will record the stories, give them a copy to keep, and post the best stories at klcc.org.  The KLCC Booth #299 is located near the Main Stage Meadow.


• On your radio at 89.7 FM

• Online at klcc.org <http://klcc.org>  

• On your smartphone with the free KLCC App

• Tell your smart speaker to "Play KLCC"

Enjoy the Fair from anywhere!  Keep the magic of the Oregon Country Fair with you all weekend courtesy of KLCC 89.7 FM.  The live broadcast is made possible by KLCC's many generous sponsors from the local business community.

KLCC Broadcast Details <http://klcc.org/post/klcc-oregon-country-fair-2018>