Mura Masa

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$20 Early Bird, $25 Advance

By Drew Orlick

On Thursday, August 30, InSight Presents welcomes Mura Masa to the WOW Hall.

Alex Crossan, known better as Mura Masa, is a two time Grammy nominated DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised on the Island of Guernsey, an English territory off the coast of France, he grew up a lifelong artist playing and singing in punk, hardcore and gospel bands. Upon discovering electronic music and production software at age 15, he began to incorporate his musical inclinations into beatmaking. A self taught bedroom producer, most of Mura Masa’s discography has been made by him, his laptop, his headphones and little else. Beyond convenience, this gives his sound a tinge of loneliness and a strongly controlled artistic direction.

Two years later Alex released his first project, Soundtrack to a Death, and gained fame rapidly from exposure on Soundcloud and from the song Lotus Eater being included in several BBC radio DJ mixes. He received praise for the experimental nature of many songs, introducing several unique instruments to the electronic soundscape, such as steel drums and harps to name a few of his favorites. These unexpected elements come from his level of commitment to researching and understanding the subgenres and cultures of sounds he looks to incorporate into his own music, assisted by his new hometown of London and his old mentor, the world wide web. In any other life and era, who knows where his insatiable curiosity would lead him. Midway through his first year of studying English Literature and Philosophy, he chose music over everything as professional opportunities began to emerge.

            On his next full project, Someday Somewhere, his internet age global sound continued to evolve. Featuring lush synthesizers, unorthodox percussion patterns and single instrument melodies, his sound became even more distinguished. His multi genre upbringing of influence and creation have brought Mura Masa to the point of existing in between the spaces of pop, grime, hip-hop and R&B to pioneer what he describes as “wonky”.

Signing a deal to Interscope and Polydor records has allowed him to create his own imprint label, Anchor Point, which released his self titled debut album Mura Masa. The deal allows him to operate Anchor Point independently, and to manage a few of his frequent collaborators. Anchor Point also allows Crossan to serve as creative director, a role for which he received one of his Grammy nominations. Sonically it was his collaboration with Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky, Love$ick, that brought his name to the mainstream by charting internationally. The song reworks his own 2015 track, Lovesick F^ck, and features A$AP Rocky tagging on a freestyled verse to the topically influenced beat. The album as a whole encompasses many of the unique qualities of Mura Masa’s music, exploring global sounds and curating the sonic environment for featured artists of all backgrounds to stand out and shine.

Recently featured in a collaboration with Niles Rodgers and Chic, Mura Masa plans to periodically release stand alone singles and collaborations in the lead up to his next full length project.

Tickets are $25 in advance.  Doors open and show begins at 9:00 pm.

Listen to Mura Masa’s track with Jadu Heart ‘U Never Call Me’:


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