Mary Lambert with Mal Blum

October 28, 2017 - 8:00pm

By Maya Vagner

    On Saturday, October 28, the Community Center for the Performing Arts and Dead Nation Presents proudly welcome to the WOW Hall the “Same Love” singer herself -- Mary Lambert -- with her new “Everybody is a Babe Tour” along with special guest Mal Blum.

Mere words cannot describe how talented, genuine and inspiring this woman is.  Not only did she help write the most iconic song for the LGBTQA community, but she made a difference with her own personal story.  Hearing her songs “She Keeps Me Warm” and “Body Love part 1 & part 2” made me feel safe during the year I decided to come out as bisexual. 

Most people don't know this about Mary Lambert, but she was working three restaurant jobs back in 2012 when her life dramatically changed.  An aspiring singer-songwriter, cellist, spoken word artist, and newly graduated with a Bachelors of Music Composition from Cornish College of the Arts, she had begun to establish herself around the Seattle area performing slam poetry and fusing a talk-singing style into her intimate performances.  She received a phone call from a friend who was working with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on their debut album The Heist.  Macklemore and Lewis were struggling to write a chorus for their new song, a marriage-equality anthem called “Same Love”.  Lambert had three hours to write the hook, and the result was the transcendent and beautiful chorus to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ triple-platinum hit “Same Love”, which Lambert wrote from her vantage point of being both a Christian and a lesbian.

Writing and singing the hook led to two Grammy nominations for “Song Of The Year” and “Album Of The Year”, as well as her performance alongside pop legend Madonna at the 2014 Grammys.  Yes, you heard it right people -- Madonna! 

Mary then signed with Capitol Records, where she released her debut album Heart on My Sleeve, produced by Eric Rosse (Sara Bareilles, Tori Amos) and Benny Cassette (Kanye West) in 2014.  Her smash single “Secrets” launched to No. 1 on the Billboard Dance charts, and was certified RIAA Gold in 2015.  The New York Times called her debut album “refreshing and severely personal.”

All though the success, Mary had her inner struggles.

Lambert was raised in an abusive home, attempted suicide at 17, turned to drugs and alcohol before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and survived multiple sexual assaults throughout her childhood. With that list of horrors, you wouldn’t expect Mary to be disarmingly joyful, but she charms effortlessly, and the effect on her audience is bewitching.  She describes her performances as, “safe spaces where crying is encouraged.”  Mary Lambert says, “My entire prerogative is about connection, about being present, and facilitating true catharsis.  Also, fart jokes.”

The “Secrets”’ singer’s latest EP is called Bold.  This is her first release since leaving Capital Records.

Bold was fully funded through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $70,000 in a few weeks.  Pretty impressive, right?  Well that's not all. The response was a true testament to the passionate communities she represents.  Lambert produced three of the seven tracks herself, including a touching duet with her mom. Mary Kay Lambert on a song called “Love”.  I remember hearing the song for the first time and crying out of joy. The mother and daughter duo for this song touched my heart -- especially when they sang that “Love is love is love is love.”

Mary says, “Bold is a queer pop EP about being unabashedly yourself.  I think that we are in an era where embracing and loving your real, complex self is radical, and this collection of songs epitomizes that belief.” 

Lambert will be touring the Bold EP alongside a friend and a lyrical genius, Mal Blum, in the aptly named “Everybody is a Babe Tour”.  You can hear her pure magical voice at the WOW Hall on October 28.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and showtime is 8:00.  Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 day of show.



Door Time: 
October 28, 2017 - 7:00pm
$18 Advance, $20 Day of Show