Hyding Jekyll, Henry's Child, Jollymon, A Tribe of Crow

April 14, 2018 - 8:00pm

On Saturday, April 14, the Community Center for the Performing Arts and University of Oregon Campus Radio 88.1 FM KWVA proudly welcome back to the WOW Hall Hyding Jekyll, Henry’s Child and Jollymon plus special guests A Tribe of Crow.

Three bands that have headlined the WOW Hall over a period spanning over twenty-five years will converge on April 14 for one giant rock show.

2018 marks 10 years Hyding Jekyll has been making music in the valley.  A combination of the band's influences and its members experiences, the music moves from funk laden riffs to spacey openings. The songs tell a story from power to failure, humanity at it's best to worst. The music shapes the stories the band has been working on for the last 10 years. They try to take everyone on an adventure.

Hyding Jekyll started in 2008 as a tribal funk band with original members Brian, Justin and Greg. Over the years and several lineup changes Hyding Jekyll has become a much more diverse band musically, with the current lineup being Jeremy Stafford (drums, vox), Erek Andrus (guitar) as well as Nick Pierson (keys) with Greg Gillispie still on bass and lead vocals.

After repeated shows at the WOW Hall and many other local venues the band took a bit of a hiatus -- working on new music for the upcoming Final Chapter album. Hyding Jekyll will be playing many new songs that the fans haven't heard before as well as a few of the fan favs from over the years.  Their eclectic nature allows Hyding Jekyll to groove to the sound of the moment and write the story around it.

Hyding Jekyll will be adding visuals to the sonic tapestry.  “With the addition of Ben Heiken we will be able to tell the stories in multiple ways to try and access all the senses during our performance.”

Hyding Jekyll continues to grow their local fan base while continuing as one of area’s longest running, most constant original bands.  Always shifting, changing and trying to give each show something different, the future is wide open and Hyding Jekyll looks forward to sharing it with you.




The early/mid 90's were an amazing time for live music and the Northwest music scene was drenched in talented and exceptional bands. This creative collective included the powerhouse Henry's Child

Henry's Child was part of the Eugene/Portland Art Culture, concocting a mix of psychedelic, heavy and sometimes eclectic music that not only fit well with the time but stands up today. It was this varied mix that quickly brought Henry's Child to the forefront of local and regional bands. In fact, Henry's Child was so diverse that they opened for both national acts "Five For Fighting" and "Testament".

Yes, those were different shows.

What made Henry's Child stand out was a combination of stage presence and recognition outside the State, with Preliminary Grammy Award nominations from NARAS and a regimented touring schedule before the days of iPhones and Facebook.  It was this discipline that allowed Henry's Child to get signed to an independent label and produce some of the most memorable music (and live shows) to come out of the Pacific Northwest.

Henry's Child is back... older but wiser and able to display the maturity of a band who didn't rely on a formula to succeed. Rather, Henry's Child produces music that spans any sort of "generation gap" and can go from delicate to brooding in a matter of seconds all while still captivating an audience.

(Ed. Note: I always thought that this band was a natural for a sponsorship from an Oregon-based beverage company, but I’m not going to Whine Hard about the missed opportunity.)




Jollymon is Carey Rich, Mark Blackburn and John Colgate.

Jollymon was formed in Eugene and the WOW Hall Notes lists their first show here as April 10, 1992 (opening for Hitting Birth and Anal Solvent).  On July 3 they headlined their first WOW Hall show and it went so well the band returned in August.  Here’s what the Notes had to say: “Jollymon lived up to its billing as ‘universal tsunamic planet rock.’ …it was massive, devastatingly thick and wet, it had grounding and atmospheric qualities, and a heavy, bottom-end foundation.  Ain’t no reason to think it won’t happen again.”

 Within two years was packing not only the WOW Hall, but even larger venues like La Luna, Roseland Theater and Crystal Ballroom in Portland.  They received an LP deal with indy label Elemental Records. 

Soon Jollymon was headlining Seattle at RKCNDY, Off-Ramp and The ColorBox, also opening for national acts such as: 

Beck, Suicidal Tendencies and EMINEM.  Jollymon went on to release two more albums with Elemental, and toured as far as the Mid-West.  The single "ismyname" from their second album got heavy  rotation on commercial and college radio across the US and Japan. 

After releasing their fourth self-titled record, Jollymon 

decided to take a break from the game while they were still strong, 

and leave on a high note. 

Now Jollymon is back from their break with a brand new album due for release this fall.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $13 day of show.  Doors open at 7:30 pm and showtime is 8:00.




Door Time: 
April 14, 2018 - 7:30pm
$10 Advance, $13 Day of Show