Eugene LIVE! - The Critical Shakes, Yuvees, The Shaky Harlots

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 7:00pm
Event Time: 
$8 Advance, $8 Day of Show

By Malena Saadeh

On Sunday, March 15, the Community Center for the Performing Arts, Sprout City Studios and Liquid Mastering, McKenzie Brewing and University of Oregon Campus Radio 88.1 FM KWVA proudly host Eugene LIVE! featuring The Critical Shakes, Yuvees and The Shaky Harlots.



Eugene based garage rock duo The Critical Shakes, consisting of lead singer and drummer Jordan Blaisdell and guitarist Davey Beebe, have been making waves within and beyond the local scene since 2014 with their magnetic and energetic punk sound.  There is something to be said about the skill it requires to reach the level of connectivity that musical duos must maintain to produce an authentically full performance. Blaisdell and Beebe seem to have a sort of telepathy when they perform and feed off of each others potency to produce stellar live shows as well as cultivated recorded material.

The duo references many ways they approach their sound and state that, “We learned quickly that when you're a guitar+drums duo that things get very thin very quick if you are playing single note melodies or doing a shredding solo. That's why you hear very little of that in our music.”

As far as their approach to songwriting goes, guitarist Blaisdell sums it up perfectly by stating, “Our process is incredibly organic and works the best when the two of us are just having fun playing. As a result, we spend very little time quibbling over little things or letting our egos get in the way. I think, in many ways, having a musical marriage as opposed to a musical family can keep things more focused.”

Taking influence from bands such as METZ and Hot Snakes, The Critical Shakes have no trouble filling the sonic space around them in the same way. Similarities can be seen between The Critical Shakes and other kinetic duos such as The Black Keys, but The Critical Shakes’ heavy garage rock influence and their ability to let loose within their music while still keeping the technical aspects of their work refined puts them in a category of their own.

“We noticed that there was a serious hole in the music community,” Blaisdell states to define the bands unique sound.  “No one was playing the noisey, punky, anxiety expelling music we worshiped. Davey and I derive all of inspiration from more negative feelings and I think the more challenging nature of the music itself is reflective of that. All that mixed with the fact that performing is a massively cathartic outlet for Davey and I and there is suddenly no need to fake the intensity or passion.”

The raw approach and originality this duo demonstrates both on stage and throughout their discography sets them apart from their peers in the industry.



Emerging from Ashland, Oregon, The Shaky Harlots have been refining their garage rock sound since August of 2017.  With Laramie Ryan Crow and Casey Julian Minnick on guitar, Daniel de la Cruz on bass, Andrew Peel on drums, and Brynna Dean singing lead vocals, this garage rock group has an unmistakable sound that offers diversity to the scene.

Being a female vocalist, especially one whose sound is rooted in punk such as Siouxsie Sioux and Kim Deal, Dean really gives The Shaky Harlots a unique approach to the niche category of garage rock. Whether it be the clever production in their songs with use of sound bytes as seen in “LA’s On Fire” and “Heartbeats” off 2018 EP Save it For Later, or the way the guitar tones complement the croons at the end of 2019 single “Anxiety”, the arrangements this band comes up with ride the fine line between being free and staying clean in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The Shaky Harlots’ sound can fall under many different categories because of their vast diversity within their discography. An example of this is when examining their EP Save It For Later, certain songs such as “Sleeping Under Ladders” give off a softer vibe causing the band to appear in a more surf rock light only to be contrasted by the next track immediately following it “Faq You” which goes in a total different direction as a high energy punk ballad.

While the band draws musical influence from 70’s punk groups such as The Stooges, New York Dolls, and The Cramps and also keeps current by paying homage to bands such as Thee Oh Sees, guitarist Ryan puts it best when stating their real influence comes from within. Ryan states, “We like to take all that bad and good experience, and feelings into our music. Turning our bad and good times into something you can feel and dance to, but also makes you think.”

The blend of inventive artistic tastes that this group plays with as well as their authentic approach to channeling their good times into tangible music allows The Shaky Harlots to appeal to a wide range of audiences.



Yuvees are a Portland based, five-piece powerhouse that has been influencing the local scene since they set out on the road in 2016.  Since landing in Portland in 2018 all the way from Columbus, Ohio, brothers Brendon and Jacob Broome have put together a band whose style sticks to their self-described Post-Punk sound.  Picking up influences all along the way -- being led by what Brendon Broome describes as “heavy bouts of wanderlust” this band has cultivated a style based on a wide range of influences, and ultimately found their sound to become more experimental and dance oriented once settling in Portland.

With Brendon Broome and Samantha Oxley playing keys and guitar as well as doing vocals, Jacob Broome on bass, Riley Mclaughlin on guitar, and Danny Welch playing the drums, this five piece band creates a niche for themselves while still appealing to a wide range of audiences.  While they can agree that Deerhoof & Velvet Underground have been all around favorites, each member of the group draws from different musical backgrounds and influences ranging from psychedelic rock to hip-hop, making for a diverse discography.  

The band’s 2018 EP Seething in Whisper Town encompasses their energy and intensity -- making for a wild ride across the spectrum of garage rock in only four songs. In “Picture of Man” off this album, the vocal inflection Broome puts forth accompanied by heavy instrumentation resembles the earlier work of California based duo “The Garden”, and the catchy bass line in “Riddle Me This” is one of those that audiences cannot help but dance along to.

In their live performances, Yuvees capture attention with their ambivalent blend of earnestness and looseness.  The contrast between the hard and soft moments within their songs and their ear for times when space is necessary to convey their intention set them apart from their musical peers. 

Thanks to this year’s sponsors – Sprout City Studios and Liquid Mastering – the winner of this year’s final gets a free recording and and mastering package from Thaddeus Moore and the crew.


Sprout City is a full service professional sound recording and rehearsal studio in located in Eugene at 1697 W. 11th Aly, as well as a musical place to find family.

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Mastering is the crucial final step in the recording process.  “We will prepare your recordings for whatever format they will be released on, including; CD duplication/replication, streaming distribution, vinyl lathe cutting, mix tape cassettes, or radio broadcast. Mastering will ensure that your sound quality is the finest possible.”

We get asked every week to define “mastering.” Personally, we like to define it as: “The last stage in the creative process of finishing a recording, using the absolute highest quality dynamics and frequency control.”  Mastering can be compared to mixing, but instead of focusing on the balance of the instruments, we focus on the balance of frequencies and the impact of all the elements of a performance.

Also, mastering should help all material achieve a more consistent playback on any system.

In layman’s terms, mastering is like sanding and polishing up a woodworking project. Without it, the overall appearance/functionality might be pretty good. But a closer look reveals all of the imperfect — hidden and obvious — rough edges. Mastering goes in and smoothes out all of the “splinters” like leveling volume or tweaking tonal problems in a recording. Nobody wants a splinter in the ear.

And just like carpentry, mastering requires an artisan. Mixes should be gently massaged by a qualified and seasoned engineer. Someone with an uncanny ear for universal tones and super nerdy technical chops to make you sound the way you’ve always wanted to…

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We 100% guarantee our work, and want every artist happy with  the service we provide.

The CCPA is looking forward to collaborating with more local businesses, local musicians, and the performing arts community to bring people together to support our community.  Please come and support Eugene LIVE!  It’s going to be a great time and very affordable.  Ticket prices for each event are $8 advance or day of show.  Doors open at 8:00 pm and showtime is 8:30. Tell your friends!