Crystal Garden featuring Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band with Caroline Bauer

October 13, 2017 - 9:00pm

On Friday, October 13, the Community Center for the Performing Arts proudly welcomes to the WOW Hall Crystal Garden featuring Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band,  Eugene's own Caroline Bauer will open the show.

Crystal Garden is the brainchild of Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band. For two years he sought out the right group of musicians to form a modern-day rock bank.  The three members of the band are from Seattle and Toronto.  They have a debut album entitled Let the Rocks Cry Out that was released in March of 2017 and features Boyd Tinsley and jazz guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan.  The band has been on tour ever since!  Here’s a sample of what the people are saying:

THE FUSE: “Boyd Tinsley recently joined the band he created Crystal Garden to a packed Funk ‘n Waffles in Syracuse.  Fans were delighted in hearing Boyd’s exquisite violin playing along with a masterful blend of rock, blues and soul with Crystal Garden.  Boyd Tinsley is best known for his beautiful violin work in one of America’s favorite bands – Dave Matthews Band.  Together they created a night that was filled with incredible music.”

CHICAGO MUSIC: “Crystal Garden is getting into the swing of a full tour.

They have an eager following for the fact that they have a popular musician that helped form them.  When you listen to the album, it is mello and melodic, but where these guys truly shine is on stage.  They blend funk and rock n’ roll seamlessly when they are performing on the road.  The audience was hooked the entire time.  Fans may have come to see Boyd on stage, but left fans of Crystal Garden.”

SYRACUSE.COM (posted by Katrine Tulloch): “For two years, Tinsley had wanted to create a new rock band with fresh, young talents to lift up while DMB takes the year off to recharge after their 25-year anniversary tour in 2016.

He searched high and low, vetting musicians for the rare opportunity to tour with one of the best-known and most beloved violinists today.

“Technically, Tinsley isn't a member of Crystal Garden, but he sits in with them, grooming them for greatness until they can headline on their own. The members should thank their lucky stars that Tinsley needed a hobby.

That's not a dig at Crystal Garden.  They performed a tight show and deserve to sell out a venue.  Really, this is smart business.  In a saturated music market, this small, young rock outfit draws a crowd thanks to Tinsley's star power, then succeeds in their own right.”

            You can say you saw them here in 2017! 


Caroline Bauer is a folk singer/songwriter living and performing in Eugene, OR. Bauer is best known for her poetic lyrics and powerful love songs. Young, but wise beyond her years, Bauer pairs intricate acoustic guitar playing with her pure and haunting voice to create a vulnerable and unprocessed folk sound that is unique to her own personal style.

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.  Doors open at 8:00 pm and showtime is 9:00.


Door Time: 
October 13, 2017 - 8:00pm
$12 Advance, $15 Day of Show