2nd Annual Eugene LIVE! - The Muddy Souls, Sugar Pine String Band, The Gossamer Strings

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Friday, January 31, 2020 - 8:00pm
Event Time: 
$8 Advance, $8 Day of Show

On Friday, January 31, the Community Center for the Performing Arts, Sprout City Studios and Liquid Mastering, and University of Oregon Campus Radio 88.1 FM KWVA proudly host the Second Annual Eugene LIVE! a showcase of Northwest performers at the WOW Hall.  This year’s first installment features bluegrass music from The Muddy Souls, Sugar Pine and The Gossamer Strings.

Headlining the event are The Muddy Souls.  Formed in the fall of 2018, The Muddy Souls were winner of the Eugene LIVE! series  for 2019, which included recording time at Eugene’s Ninkasi Studios.  They combine bluegrass/traditional music with original songwriting and lively instrumentals for a memorable show that is sure to get your feet dancing and your face grinning.

The band has thus far released two recordings: 2018’s The Muddy Souls and 2019’s The Muddy Souls Live at Wildcraft Cider.  Their full-length debut album is due out in March.  Thus far they have released two singles, “Blinded By the Blues” and “Alabama Bound”.

Band members are: Jacob Camara (banjo), Austen Slone (mandolin), Mila Butler (bass) and Pete Romanelli (guitar).


In the wilds of Oregon grow tall trees with sweeping branches and enormous cones, the largest species of pine in the world, the Sugar Pine.  From the windy ridges of the Cascades comes a psychedelic bluegrass band with haunting melodies, electric jamming, and fast paced feel good groves that will make your spine tingle all over. 

The Sugar Pine String Band are musicians from Eugene who share a love of traditional acoustic music.  Fiddle, dobro and mandolin provide the high lonesome tones alongside the upright bass and guitar, with warm vocal harmonies as old as the mountains. The group is comfortable playing smoking bluegrass instrumentals or a variety of upbeat originals composed by Gabe Schliffer, Sugar Pine's leader and fiddle/cello master. 

Schliffer is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His original music spans the gaps between, folk, old-time, bluegrass and Americana. Gabe weaves his acoustic melodies between lyrics of hope and love. Originally from upstate New York, Gabe grew up at the Rochester Folk Art Guild, an intentional community and organic farm in Middlesex, NY. In early 2017 he moved to Eugene.

Gabe has been a member of many different bands including Thy Burden, Mulberry Soul, Outland County, and The Cabin Killers. His latest album, Stargazers, is a continuation of Gabe’s search into the roots of Americana music, evoking the spirit of jamming around campfires and finding inspiration in the fields and forests of the American heartland.  The album features him on cello, fiddle, tenor banjo, guitar as well as lead vocals. He has shared the stage with the likes of Jim Lauderdale, Donna the Buffalo, The Horseflies, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, The Blind Owl Band, and The Prickers.



As fresh and bracing as the salty breeze that sweeps up the Pacific Northwest, The Gossamer Strings play original music with new feeling, inspired by the long tradition of acoustic music that has come before.  Liat Lis and Kyle McGonegle create songs that are meticulously crafted, filled with thoughtful instrumentation on banjo, guitar and mandolin, interwoven with lyrics that are sung with clarity and emotion, and tight harmonies blending throughout.  Their live shows, in a small living room or a sprawling festival, create an intimate bond with the audience through love, humor, and heartache.   

As before, winners of each round will be determined by the audience.  The winners of each round will return to the WOW Hall for a final event, with the winner of that event receiving free recording and engineering from Sprout City and Liquid Mastering.



Sprout City is a full service professional sound recording and rehearsal studio in located in Eugene at 1697 W. 11th Aly, as well as a musical place to find family.

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Sprout City offers classes to the community.  Lessons cover the basics of getting quality audio out your equipment and software by going over the physics of sound, design of gear, techniques, and dispelling common misconceptions.  Two courses are available currently, a Fundamentals of Sound class and an Intermediate Sound class.  Sprout City also offers private engineering lessons, instrument lessons, internship opportunities, and recording workshops, as well as lessons in Logic, ProTools, and Reaper. Owner Thaddeus Moore and his engineers also have a separate mastering studio, Liquid Mastering,



Mastering is the crucial final step in the recording process.  “We will prepare your recordings for whatever format they will be released on, including; CD duplication/replication, streaming distribution, vinyl lathe cutting, mix tape cassettes, or radio broadcast. Mastering will ensure that your sound quality is the finest possible.”

We get asked every week to define “mastering.” Personally, we like to define it as: “The last stage in the creative process of finishing a recording, using the absolute highest quality dynamics and frequency control.”  Mastering can be compared to mixing, but instead of focusing on the balance of the instruments, we focus on the balance of frequencies and the impact of all the elements of a performance.

Also, mastering should help all material achieve a more consistent playback on any system.

In layman’s terms, mastering is like sanding and polishing up a woodworking project. Without it, the overall appearance/functionality might be pretty good. But a closer look reveals all of the imperfect — hidden and obvious — rough edges. Mastering goes in and smoothes out all of the “splinters” like leveling volume or tweaking tonal problems in a recording. Nobody wants a splinter in the ear.

And just like carpentry, mastering requires an artisan. Mixes should be gently massaged by a qualified and seasoned engineer. Someone with an uncanny ear for universal tones and super nerdy technical chops to make you sound the way you’ve always wanted to…

Although we work with artists ranging from punch-you-in-the-face-punk to electronica dreamwave to moonshine bluegrass fusion, we give the same attention and care to each project. No matter the kind of music you make (or podcasts, audiobooks, TV shows, etc.), we go through all the steps to make your tracks sound clearer and more vibrant.

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