CCPA Board of Directors Meeting 9/2/20


 CCPA/WOW Hall Board of Director’s Meeting MINUTES

September 1, 2020 @ 6:00 pm by Zoom in Eugene, OR


Present: Sam Harmon, Dan Nathen, Janelle Krinsky, Tom Wilt, Melissa Swan




I. Call to Order 6:00 p.m.

II. Ground Rules

III. Public Input

  1. Steve Berkson asked that a third party be used for the BOD elections
  2. Jon Pincus said that recording of meetings does not qualify as BOD minutes.
  3. Kathy Ging asked how Barbara Bochnovic became the head of the voting process and asked for a list of members.
  4. Joe LaFleur said that he thinks the online voting system is the most transparent process for voting.
  5. Heather Kent wants to know why the membership list was not provided to Kathy Ging.
  6. Jon Pincus thinks that questioned should be answered during public input.

IV. Vote on voting structure for Membership Meeting on September 8th.

  1. Key takeaways for the Annual Meeting, September 8th
  1. Mouseman wants an independent auditor for election.
  2. Kathy Ging wants a third party independent auditor and fair election. She does not want staff involved.
  1. The vote for members of the board should be by “roll call” with each member given the opportunity to state how they would like to vote.  
  1. Jim Evangelista wants the board to attend a class at U of O in governance.
  2. Steven Berkus wants a complete presentation of the voting process.
  3. Sherry Franzen would like to see a vote by mail.
  1. Bob Fennessy presented a summary of roll call voting process.
  1. Each member called by order on the attendance sheet.
  2. Given the option of how their vote will be recorded (public or confidential via email, text, phone, or ZOOM Room).
  3. Roll call ensures that a member is present and is indeed participating in the meeting via 2-way communication.
  4. Individual ballots will be confidential but not private. The record of how each voter voted ensures that a post-election audit can be conducted should one be required.
  5. Comments from public regarding election process:
    1. Steven Berkus thinks that a lawyer or CPA should be hired to oversee the election. He also thinks that people should be able to vote on EZ Vote for up to a week after the meeting.
    2. Jon Pincus wants the election process taken out of the hands of the anyone involved in the WOW Hall. He wants another electronic service like EZ Vote to be used.
    3. Heather Kent thinks that EZ Vote should be hired to oversee the election. She does not think that vote collection should be run by staff.
    4. Janelle Krinsky asked Bob to clarify the means by which people can vote. She wants the voting process to be neutral. She wants Bob Fennessy to step down from the election process.
  6. A motion was made to proceed with roll call vote. A second to the motion was made with the request to keep Bob Fennessy’s role as membership coordinator to verify current members and not as part of the vote counting process.
    1. A vote was made. 2 votes yes and 1 vote no to proceed with the roll call voting.
  7. A motion was made to hire EZ Vote to run the entire election. No one seconded the motion.
    1. David Zupan said he would like to see voting by EZ Vote.
    2. Steven Berkus wants a third party to record the votes either a CPA, an attorney, or EZ Vote or some other online vote.


V. Adjourn 7:01 p.m.